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2018 Fixtures Saturday & Sunday League & Cups

2018 Fixtures Saturday & Sunday League & Cups

12 Feb 2018

Due to a number of changes in the entrants for various divisions we have had to revise the fixtures across the competitions.

The full updated schedule is here

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For the Saturday Competition we have sadly lost FOthergills who have been unable to recover after the devestating fire and PK Zali have moved to the Sunday competition. There are now some vacant days on Saturdays and we will look at a method of filling the gaps now that the bulk fixtures have been revised.

In the Sunday competition we have lost a number of teams as clubs have fully understood the number of players avalable to them an this has meant we have had to realign some divisions although we have done this with a minimun affect on the fixtures previously published (in most cases). In the Sunday Premier there are now 10 teams with Friarmere 2s filling the gap; In Div 1A Farnworth have dropped out and Blackley replace them, In Divison 1D there jave been a number of changes and PK Zalmi now play here to make thiis 10 teams. Div 2B is now a merger of the remaining teams from 2B and 2C as initially published.

Any Sunday fixture clashes found after this (clashes with Cups) should be amended using the Fixture Cancellatiion / Amendment procedure as shown on the League Information and Documents page under the Info & Forms menu above

Any problems please e-mail

12 Feb 2018