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2019 Junior Cup Update

2019 Junior Cup Update



The GMCL Junior Cup competitions are now underway, with many games being played already.  All fixtures are on CriqHQ and the U13/15 plates have been added today (U11 plate will be added Thurs). Following a few questions, here is an overview of the formats and a reminder of the cup regulations.

General Regulation

The GMCL are happy for the qualification games to be played in any format that the coaches agree, ie Power plays, free hits, longer games etc. However the standard regulations are that the games are played as per the league games, but with no retirements (with U11 pairs cricket following usual format).

Competition structure U11, U13, U15 – These are knock out competitions, with a Finals Day (last 4) for the main competition. There will be a plate competition for all 1st round losers and this will be a straight knock out with home and away ties scheduled up to the final, with the final venue being decided by the toss of a coin.

U17 is a round robin, with the winner of each group and the best runner up moving to semi-finals and a final – again the venue for the final will be determined by the toss of a coin.

Match nights and play by dates.

Although there is some flexibility the play dates are on CriqHQ. These can be changed by arrangements with the other club and by notifying the league.

Play by dates are for 11,13,15s are : Round 1 by Friday 9th August,  Round 2 by Friday 25th August. Contact the league if this is an issue.

U17s All pool games must be completed by Friday 30th August.

Finals Days (although dependant on Ground availability are aimed to be on the following dates)

U11’s - Sunday 8th September

U13’s - Sunday 15th September

U15’s - Sunday 8th September

U17’s - Semi-final w/c 1st Sep, Final w/c 8 Sep


Nigel Stock

GMCL Junior Director