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2nd XI Cup Player Eligibility, Umpires & 12:30 start

2nd XI Cup Player Eligibility, Umpires & 12:30 start

25 Apr 2018



The Umpires Association are delighted to confirm that all 2nd XI Cup games will have league appointed umpires this weekend, club umpires are therefore not required for these cup games.

Player Eligbility

We have been asked about player eligibility because the 1st XI are not playing,

There are rules for this round of the cup-

There is no equivalent round for the 1st XI Cup because this is a round of 64 and all 1st XI cups start at round of 32 therefore

your top 5 starred players cannot play nor can any paid player who is not in the top 5

but the key rule is that at 

14.4.1.    Appropriate Players are reminded that the cup competitions are meant to be for the appropriate players at their club, attempts to play higher grade players without valid reason will be frowned upon and penalties considered after consideration by the Board

As a guide we would not expect to see players who have been selected for both 1st XI league games this season unless it can be shown that they have been a 2nd team regular in the recent past and their current selection in 1st XI is unlikely to continue nor would we expect to see players who on balance are likely to play in the club's 1st XI cup team.  

We have offset cup fixtures in order to ensure we have sufficient umpires, which we have, we ask therefore that clubs respect the competition and their opponents by selecting fair teams.

25 Apr 2018