Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016




Club-Director Engagement Meetings

Club-Director Engagement Meetings


Board directors have started the process of meeting up with the clubs allocated to them, last week both Nigel Stock and Mike Ward met up with a number of clubs and this coming week David Fare will be meeting a number of clubs at Heywood Cricket Club. The intent is for all Directors to have met with all clubs before the start of the season.

The board members will continue with further meetings over the year and on a regular basis contact their clubs via email which still will be the primary method of contact from the Board, the clubs will be able to contact their board member contact with any suggestions, ideas and queries at any time should they so wish by email or directly to their nominated Director.

In addition there are two remaining Captains and Clubs of Chairs meetings taking place this week and it is essential that if you are a captain or chairman you attend one of these if you have not attended on so far.

Thursday 4th April 7.30pm - Worsley CC

Sunday 7th April 10.30am - Saddleworth CC

If you have any questions please contact Will Halton or David Fare