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Club-Director Engagement Meetings 2020

Club-Director Engagement Meetings 2020

29 Feb 2020

In 2020 as clubs join and directors involvement change within the league we have made some adjustments to which directors will be allied to which club.

The Board directors would like to meet up at your club at a mutually convenient time and will contact you over the next couple of weeks to arrange.

A full list of who will be your contact is included below.

The board members will continue with further meetings over the year and on a regular basis contact their clubs via email which still will be the primary method of contact from the Board, the clubs will be able to contact their board member contact with any suggestions, ideas and queries at any time should they so wish by email or directly to their nominated Director.

Ashton CC  Alan Naylor
Ashton Ladysmith CC  Alan Naylor
Astley & Tyldesley CC  Martin Kay 
Astley Bridge  Bill Elkin 
Austerlands CC  Nigel Stock 
Bamford Fieldhouse CC  Bill Elkin 
Blackley CC  Martin Kay 
Bolton Indians CC  Mike Hall 
Bradshaw  CC Mike Hall 
Brooksbottom CC  Kieran Coe 
Bury CC  Kieran Coe 
Clifton CC  Mike Hall 
Daisy Hill CC Mike Hall 
Darcy Lever  CC Martin Kay 
Deane & Derby CC  Martin Kay 
Denton CC  Richard Hepworth
Denton St.Lawrence CC  Richard Hepworth
Denton West CC  Richard Hepworth
Droylsden CC  Michael Beech
Dukinfield CC  Alan Naylor
East Lancs Paper Mill CC  David Fare 
Edenfield CC  Mark Smith
Edgworth CC  Mike Hall 
Egerton CC  Kieran Coe 
Elton CC  Mark Smith
Elton Vale CC  Mark Smith
Europa Exiles CC  Thomas George
Failsworth Macedonia CC  Alan Naylor
Farnworth Social Circle CC Bill Elkin 
Flixton CC  Mike Hall 
Flowery Field CC  Alan Naylor
Friarmere CC  Bill Elkin 
Friends Sporting Club  Richard Hepworth
Friends United CC  Thomas George
Glodwick CC  Mike Ward 
Glossop CC  Michael Beech
Golborne Cricket Club Mike Hall 
Greenfield CC  Mike Ward 
Greenmount CC  Mike Ward 
Hadfield CC Michael Beech
Heaton  Mike Hall 
Heyside CC  Nigel Stock 
Heywood CC  Mark Smith
Hindley St Peters CC  Martin Kay 
Irlam CC  Will Halton
Littleborough Lakeside CC  David Fare 
Micklehurst CC  Mike Ward 
Milnrow  CC David Fare 
Monton CC  Mike Hall 
Moorside CC  Nigel Stock 
Mottram CC Richard Hepworth
Newton CC  Michael Beech
Newton Heath CC  Richard Hepworth
Oldham CC  Nigel Stock 
Oldham West CC  David Fare 
Prestwich CC  Kieran Coe 
Radcliffe CC  Mark Smith
Roe Green CC  Will Halton
Royton CC  David Fare 
Saddleworth CC  Nigel Stock 
Shaw CC  Bill Elkin 
South West Manchester CC  Thomas George
Springhead CC  Mike Ward 
Stand CC  Kieran Coe 
Stayley CC  Alan Naylor
Stretford CC  Will Halton
Swinton Moorside CC  Will Halton
Thornham CC  David Fare 
Tottington St.John's CC  Mark Smith
United Stars CC  Thomas George
Unsworth CC  Mark Smith
Uppermill CC  Mike Ward 
Walkden CC Mike Hall 
Walshaw CC  Bill Elkin 
Werneth CC  Nigel Stock 
Westhoughton CC Bill Elkin 
Westleigh CC  Martin Kay 
Whalley Range CC  Mike Hall 
Winton CC  Will Halton
Woodbank CC  Kieran Coe 
Woodhouses CC  Alan Naylor
Worsley CC  Will Halton
Wythenshawe CC  Thomas George


29 Feb 2020