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Cup Draws and Rule clarification

13 Jul 2017

Firstly our apologies for the delay in getting the draws out. 

We have been awaiting clarification of a rule issue that arose in the last round and in order to reach agreement we had to take legal opinion which has resulted in an opinion that states that the rule was not clear enough to uphold the intention of the rule.

The rule in question is 14.4.2. relating to players available to play in the 2nd XI Cup when the clubs first XI is no longer in the cup.

The intention was that the 50% rule related to the number of games a player had played and not the number of games the team had played and therefore this rule has been amended with immediate effect to the following:

Rule 14.4.2.

In the case of the Second XI Cup, when the First XI are no longer in their cup competition, a player who has played 50% or more of their personal league match appearances in the current season for the First XI up to that round, shall not be eligible for participation in the Second XI cup round in question. For clarity, when a club’s First and Second XI's are engaged in their respective competitions; this restriction will not apply.

The draws for the 1st XI and 2nd Xi cups are as follows

Derek Kay 1st XI Cup sponsored by Per-Fit Windows
Bury v DSL
Egerton v Denton West

Per-Fit Windows 2nd XI Cup
Woodbank vs Roe Green
Clifton vs Prestwich

Per-Fit Windows Championship Cup
Ashton Ladysmith vs Thornham
East Lancs Paper Mill vs Deane and Derby

All ties to be played on 23rd July at 1pm

cricHQ will be updated tomorrow at the latest, also we have a number of e-mails unanswered and will resolve all urgent messages by early evening tomorrow

13 Jul 2017