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Disciplinary News 2020 Season

Disciplinary News 2020 Season

2 Nov 2020

In a season where we had to work together to get matches played and despite the limited cricket it is astonishing that some of our players still managed to find ways to breach our discipline rules, the code of conduct or even more frustratingly act against the spirit of cricket.  We do have a lot of players and so the bans we have issued are thankfully against a very low percentage but none the less they are needless and we are determined to stamp poor discipline out of the game.

We will be increasing the penalties over the winter so that when we return next year it wont just be the player impacted but it may also be the captain, the team through points and the club financially.

This is the summary of the season's events showing the settled cases only.

Week 1

Unnecessary Physical contact - 4 weeks ban plus 1 week suspended

Assault on another Player - 10 weeks ban plus 6 suspended

Week 2

Abuse of Equipment - 2 weeks ban +1

Abuse of Equipment - 3 weeks ban +1

Spirit of cricket offence (Captain) 4 weeks ban +2

Abuse of equipment 2 weeks ban +1

Week 3

Abuse of umpire  4 weeks ban +1  

Week 4

Abuse of equipment 3 weeks ban

Abuse of equipment  2 weeks ban +1

Week 5, 6 & 7 no incidents

Week 8

Abuse of equipment 2 weeks ban +1

Abuse of equipment  2 weeks

Serious abuse of umpire  10 weeks

Week 9 - No Incidents

Week 10 - Serious abuse of Umpire, Equipment, Captain 8+2 plus 4 suspended

In addition

  • 3 clubs received formal Covid warnings
  • An individual who was a player, umpire and club official has been given an unlimited ban from all cricket for Social Media isues and Administration Offences
  • Two clubs have received an official warning regarding behaviour of players and spectators

GMCL Board

2 Nov 2020