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DLS clarification

DLS clarification

17 Jun 2018

We have been asked to issue clarity for those new to the DLS system.

Any calculations for DLS are done by the App when overs lost are correctly entered,

There are no other external calculations needed,

There are no adjustments needed for wickets lost. The number of wickets remaining, overs remaining and runs required is taken into account in the DLS figure. Any previous season adjustments (pre DLS) such as you can only lose 3 wickets etc are no longer relevant,


When overs are lost in the first innings, both sides lose the same number of overs but then the side batting second will be given a revised target at the start of their innings. Should further overs be lost in the second innings the revised target will be adjusted each time the game restarts. The last revised target set will determine the result, if the game comes to an end.

DLS Par only comes in to play if the game comes to an abrupt end because of weather.



17 Jun 2018