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Greater Manchester Cricket League

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GMCL T20 Competition

GMCL T20 Competition

11 Jan 2019

Clubs have been slow to inform us of their intentions to enter this coming season GMCL20 competitions.

As indicated in the last newsletter we will be organising two T20 Competitions one for the top 28 clubs, the winners of which will go onto represent the GMCL in the ECB competition.  

The second T20 will be open to all other clubs and will likely start in June. 

To enable the League to produce its T20 fixtures we require clubs to inform us by Monday 21st January 2019 if they wish to enter either or both competitions by emailing 

T20 entry

If we haven’t heard by this date we will presume your club doesn’t wish to enter.

Please pass this onto our your Chairman, Secretary, and Captains with immediate effect. We need your reply by Monday 21st January.

11 Jan 2019