Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016






30 Jun 2021

GMCL20 Premier and Championship Competitions  

After much deliberation it has been decided as a direct result of the fixture amendments due to Covid affecting an increasing number of clubs to amend the GMCL20 fixture schedule as follows:

All pool games to be completed by Monday 12th July. If in the event that fixtures are not played by this date and results not submitted by 9pm on this date those fixtures will be treated as abandoned and 1 point each will be allocated. The draw for the Quarter Finals will be made at 9.30 p.m. on Monday 12th July to give the home clubs as much time as possible to prepare the track for the games which must be held on Friday 16th July.  

For the Quarter Finals, there can be no reserve date, a result must be reached on the date, by DLS, bowl out or toss of a coin.

The Finals Days must be held on July 25th.

The 25th July is the final date by which we are required to nominate the club to represent the league in the ECB National T20 competition, so if in the event of bad weather on the day of the 25th the club nominated to progress will be one of the four clubs qualifying for finals day who had the highest points total from the pool games followed by net run rate if points are equal.  

If poor weather does intervene, then a winner must be found on the day - we will find it very difficult to provide a reserve date due to other cup finals in the following weeks and the length of the day required for three full games at one venue.

30 Jun 2021