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Greater Manchester Cricket League

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Junior Team Entries and Contacts for 2019.

Junior Team Entries and Contacts for 2019.


Sorry for the slight delay in getting the entry form out, but as you can appreciate there have been a few changes. Please see the GMCL Website article ‘Junior Review’ on 5th December for further information. If you have sent entries via email please still complete the form below.


We are asking all clubs to enter their junior teams for 2019 as accurately as possible now, but you will be able to amend this up to the 17thMarch. Junior Contacts cannot be amended as they are going in the Handbook.


The form is located here


Important dates

28th February - Deadline for junior entries and all junior contacts

10th March – 10am Elton Vale CC. Annual Junior Meeting (Discuss proposed structure, rule changes)

17th  March – Final amendments to team entries

31st March -  Fixture announcement.

21st April - Junior League games commence

21st July – Optional Summer Cup commences

Any questions, email



Nigel Stock

GMCL Junior Director