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Junior updates - important information

Junior updates - important information

Performance Leagues

A reminder that all games must have been played and results on the website by midnight on Sunday 5th August.


Junior Cup

The Junior Cups are now all online on CricHQ, with preliminary round fixtures next week. Please make contact with your opposition ASAP to confirm.


The standard rules for each age group are the same as the league, with the exception of no retirements for batters. If you want to try something different these are one off games and we are happy for you to tweak any playing conditions should both coaches agree, i.e. 30 over games, or games with power plays etc. Just be aware that the CriqHq scorecard is set up for the standard rules.


The dates on the website are both play by dates and fixed (should clubs not want to arrange a date). The same guide for the league games applies for rearranging.

    • Both coaches need to agree to the date in which to play
    • It needs to be before the play by dates
    • The home club needs to inform the league of the new date


In the event of rain, teams can have a bowl out, or they can rearrange IN TIME TO PLAY THE NEXT ROUND. If this is not possible a toss of a coin will determine the winner.


Junior Season review and consultation

We are looking for people to contribute to how the junior league looks next season. If you would like to contribute in suggestions or attending an informal get together, please send an email to juniors@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk by 19th August.



Nigel Stock

Junior Director

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