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New Website

6 May 2017

We have been pushing the IT boundaries again over the last few months and after the launch of the video feeds at a number of clubs with more coming online this week we have again been driving the cricHQ revolution.

We are now taking this to the next stage and from today we can provide a fully interactive new website for GMCL to give easy to view fixtures, results and tables for you to see your division or your team details.

We wanted to launch pre-season but our desire to ensure that the Match Centre was exactly how we wanted it from day 1 has delayed this. We are delighted that this is now running smoothly. You will also now be able to view Live scores on matchday by whole league, by division or by individual game using the website rather than the app. Try the website on your phone, it looks great.

Our wish to get the best, means that in order to work closely with us cricHQ have paired up with a Manchester company, Shopblocks, to provide this solution around the world for all leagues and clubs and we thank them both for their hard work to deliver to meet our tough demands.

The system has been rolled out to other leagues and the next stage will be for the club version which will have all the Match Centre functionality and can be tailored to show just your club details. We hope to have the first demonstration club site available next week and you will then be able to contact Shopblocks for your own club site for a small monthly fee. (cheaper than the advert free versions of the current leading sports club websites)

We will not be phasing out our other website until the end of 2017 so as not to affect the clubs currently using League Republic but we are now able to shout out that we have attained our prospectus wish of having a single one stop solution for our IT needs.

We hope you like the new site, feel free to give a shout out to the lads @shopblocks and @cricHQ

6 May 2017