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Preparing for Season 2020 and new clubs

Preparing for Season 2020 and new clubs


GMCL is in place for players of all abilities and clubs of all ambitions but we will always provide the competition for those who aim to be the very best.

From the number of enquiries received in the past few months we are aware that there are a lot of clubs looking at making a change so we want to make our position clear.

We are open to clubs looking to join for 2020 and, because of the restructure already planned, this will be the best time to step in to allow us to place your club at the appropriate level.

Clubs should have their own ground or already have a suitable ground confirmed for the season ahead and we now have League / Club agreements to be signed pre-season to manage all our expectations.  Of course we will, as we have from the start of the league, also welcome any clubs left stranded by the movement of others.

All we ask is that you follow the procedures of your league for resignation deadlines and notify GMCL of your application by 31st July.

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Please contact for more information.