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Season Previews for your club

Season Previews for your club

2 Feb 2020

Here is a message from our excellent partner at GMCL Scores

For the third season, I will be preparing club previews for all GMCL clubs that I have enough information for, with them being posted in the 3-4 weeks in the lead upto the start of the 2020 season on April 19th. As always, the previews can only be made if information is supplied by clubs, and so if you would like a preview to be made for your club, please contact me either by direct message on twitter (@gmcl_officialsc) , or by emailing . 

Previews will be posted on a first-provide, first-post basis, and if those clubs who already know their captains, pros etc could send info over ASAP so I could get started that would be greatly appreciated. 

Below is a list of things I am looking to include in your club’s preview this year, with the items in bold being those that are essential for a preview to be made, with the others optional (pick a few of these to improve your preview). 

  • Name of 1st team captain (continuing or taking over captaincy?) 

  • Names of professionals/overseas amateurs if any and any further info you can give on these 

  • Any new signings to the 1st team and where they’ve moved from 

  • Aims for the season (1st team) 

  • Name of second and third team captains 

  • Aims for the season (2nd team) 

  • Any pictures of named players (or any other key players) 

  • Any Club news over the winter (e.g. new coach, new facilities) 

  • Club facts (e.g. will play another GMCL side for the first time in 2020) 

  • Quotes from 1st team captain/ other key player on topics such as  

               - Predictions for your division 

               - Best teas in GMCL 

               - Favourite GMCL ground 

               - If you could have one England World Cup winner as your pro, who would you choose & why? 

               - Anything else to make your preview a bit more interesting! 


Enjoy the rest of your winter, 

GMCL Official Scores 

2 Feb 2020