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Greater Manchester Cricket League

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Sunday Competition

Sunday Competition


Sunday Leagues

We have been unable to load the Sunday League fixtures in bulk and so they have all been entered manually and this job has been completed today., many thanks for your patience.

We believe all your recent amendments submitted to us have been captured but if you need to change any others please use the instructions for changing a fixture here

If there are any errors identified with your dates or venues please mail

Sunday Cups

The Sunday Premier Cup 

We have had to make adjustments to this competition with three of the teams playing in the other cups, so Greenfield, Stretford and Darcy Lever now have Byes in the Round of 32 which takes place on Jun 9th (reserve date 16th)

The full draw is as follows: 

Sunday 9th June
Stretford CC 3rd XIvBye
Darcy Lever CC 3rd XIvBye
Whalley Range CC 3rd XIvEdgworth CC 3rd XI
Edenfield CC 3rd XIvHeyside CC 3rd XI
Prestwich CC 3rd XIvThornham CC 3rd XI
Winton CC 3rd XIvBury CC 3rd XI
Roe Green CC 3rd XIvMonton CC 3rd XI
Clifton CC 3rd XIvElton CC 3rd XI
Bolton Deane and Derby CC 3rd XIvSwinton Moorside CC 3rd XI
Greenmount CC 3rd XIvAstley & Tyldesley CC 3rd XI
Europa Flowery Field CC 3rd XIvWesthoughton CC 3rd XI
Walshaw CC 3rd XIvRoyton CC 3rd XI
Greenfield CC 3rd XIvBye
Ashton Ladysmith CC 3rd XIvGlodwick CC 3rd XI
Austerlands CC 3rd XIvSouth West Manchester CC 3rd XI
Woodbank CC 3rd XIvSpringhead CC 3rd XI

The next round will be drawn following completion of this round. The folowing rounds are Jun 23 (reserve 30th), Jul 21(res 28th), 11 Aug (res 18th) and the final on Bank Holiday Monday Aug 26

The Sunday Plate Cup will also be held on Jun 9th (reserve 16th) and the draw confirmed as follows:

Sunday 9th June
Denton CC 3rd XIvHeywood CC 3rd XI
Newton CC 3rd XIvWhalley Range CC 4th XI
BYEvWoodhouses CC 3rd XI
Monton CC 4th XIvMottram CC 3rd XI
East Lancs Paper Mill CC 3rd XIvGreenmount CC 4th XI
Denton St Lawrence CC 3rd XIvGolborne CC 3rd XI
Werneth CC 3rd XIvAshton CC 3rd XI
Worsley CC 3rd XIvDenton West CC 3rd XI
Droylsden CC 3rd XIvFarnworth Social Circle 3rd XI
Brooksbottom CC 3rd XIvBYE
Friarmere CC 3rd XIvUnsworth CC 3rd XI
Glodwick CC 4th XIvStand CC 3rd XI
Shaw CC 3rd XIvLittleborough Lakeside CC 3rd XI
Stayley CC 3rd XIvBYE
Astley Bridge CC 3rd XIvWalkden CC 3rd XI
Egerton CC 3rd XIvBYE

The next round will be drawn following completion of this round. The folowing rounds are Jun 23 (reserve 30th), Jul 21(res 28th), 11 Aug (res 18th) and the final on Bank Holiday Monday Aug 26

Starred Players

Clubs must follow the starred players rules when selecting players for their Sunday teams. We are already taking action against teams that are playing ineligble players, those failing to complete their list and those falsely completing their forms.

All we are looking for is a fair competition at all levels of the Sunday Leagues and respect for the competition and your opponents is paramount to that and that can be done by following the agreed rules.

Due to a couple of clubs not having the facility to use Excel we have now created a new Google form for submitting starred players, please use this and click here if you have not already submitted your list.

Fixture congestion

To avoid fixture congestion later in the season and hopefully ensure you get a full calendar of fixtures we highly recommend that you work with your opponents to play as many games as early as possible and where gaps in cup schedules arise after the first round to use any free dates on the cup or reserve dates to play your league games. Please use the change fixture form on the league website

Thanks all