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1.5        Communications & Information

1.5.1.        Club to Club Communications    GMCL publish a list of club and league contacts this list can be found via the link on the GMCL website and in the League Handbook.

1.5.2.        Club to League Communications        All communication requiring a response should be by e-mail.    Please do not post Questions on Twitter or by DM    The list of contact e-mail addresses is on the website here: -

1.5.3.        League to Club Communications    GMCL will endeavour to share all news on the website and via e-mail but cannot be held responsible for mail failure at output or at your mailbox actions

1.5.4.        What we require from clubs, officials and players    At the scale that the league works it is imperative that club officials:-    Work with our rules alongside the “Spirit of the Game”    Maintain awareness of the latest developments in the league by viewing GMCL website and Twitter output regularly    Maintain your list of contacts and keep it up to date for league communications    Try to resolve issues between clubs before reference to the league by communication between club senior officials    Communicate with league and other clubs harmoniously, reasonably and honestly to resolve problems and reach a solution where possible. Deliberate hindrance, pettiness or malicious communications will not be tolerated and should be reported to the league immediately

1.5.5.        Verification of communications    In any communication to other clubs and the league, it is the issuing club’s responsibility to ensure    That e-mails have the subject matter clearly stated in the header field    That if the matter is Urgent - start the subject field with “URGENT”    That if a response or acknowledgement is required the e-mail clearly says so and offers a reasonable response time    That a reply is received from all parties confirming that the proposals or change is agreed before action is taken.    You should not assume that a message is received and agreed.    If no response is received within your required timeline it is reasonable to issue a reminder or text  to that person.    If no response is received to the reminder then you should forward the matter to the club chair and secretary for their urgent attention.    Only if those steps are followed and the issue remains unresolved should the matter be elevated to the GMCL Board.

1.6.        Social Media

1.6.1.        Social Media Policy
16.1.1.    The League has a Social Media Policy visible on the website

1.6.2.        Use of Twitter by the League    The league will supplement the prime delivery of news on the website and by e-mail by using Twitter