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Competition & Structure

1.    The Competition & Membership
1.1.    The Competition 
1.1.1.    Competition Name    The competition shall be named “Greater Manchester Cricket League”    The competition shall be referred to throughout the document as “The League” or “GMCL”

1.1.2.    Management    The Competition falls under the Management of the Board of Directors (“The Board”) of Greater Manchester Cricket League Ltd, a company limited by guarantee for the sole purpose of running GMCL for the benefit of all its member clubs.    The Board will seek opinion and proposals from all members when considered appropriate to support the decision-making process.    The Board can appoint new Directors when considered appropriate to do so and    The Board can engage experts in specific areas where it is deemed necessary.    The Board will be engaged annually at the Annual General Meeting of GMCL.

1.1.3.    GMCL will be formed of: -    An open age Saturday League Competition.    An open age Sunday League Competition.    Open age cup competitions for all teams in the Saturday and Sunday Leagues.    Open age 20 over cup competitions – branded “GMCL20”    Regionalised Junior league competition for Under 9s and    Regionalised Junior league and cup competitions for Under 11, 13, 15 & 18.    Other competitions as The Board see suitable and appropriate to promote the game and increase participation across all age groups.

1.1.4.    Formats    The formats of all competitions and divisions will be reviewed annually by The Board dependent on the number of teams entering each league and cup competition.

1.2.    County & National Board Competitions
1.2.1.    Club Competitions    GMCL will support clubs entering County and National Board competitions at Senior and Junior levels
1.2.2.    Inter-League Competitions    GMCL will seek to enter GMCL teams into all open age or junior inter-league LCB competitions.    GMCL will appoint League Team Managers at all required levels. 

1.3.    Relationship with Other Leagues & Competitions
1.3.1.    Movement of Clubs    GMCL will work to support the County Board, The League Cricket Conference and the National Governing Body regulations regarding the movement of league clubs.    GMCL will accept new clubs seeking to join the league wholly or partly and    GMCL will always offer a place to clubs in the region displaced by movement of other clubs in their league.    See “Expansion” below for further detail
1.3.2.    Junior Leagues    GMCL will work with existing stand-alone junior leagues around the region and not seek to compete.    GMCL will allow junior teams from clubs that have teams in other leagues to join GMCL competition    GMCL will allow junior teams from GMCL to play in junior competitions run by other leagues, with priority to GMCL Fixtures where they play in more than one competition.
1.3.3.    Sunday Teams, Third XIs and Fourth XIs    GMCL will allow Third XI teams from clubs that have teams in other leagues to join GMCL Competition and compete on an equal footing with full GMCL clubs.    Third and Fourth XI sides must play on a Sunday unless there First XI and Second XI play regularly on Sundays or have a second ground / pitch available.
1.3.4.    GMCL clubs and other non-governing body competitions    GMCL registered clubs can join other league cup competitions or private tournaments but GMCL fixtures cannot be rearranged to accommodate such games.

1.4.    Membership of the League
1.4.1.    Cost of Membership    Currently there are no annual fees or deposits required from clubs to be members of GMCL        This is reviewed annually 
1.4.2.    Member Clubs    GMCL is an expanding and evolving league and welcomes, at all levels of our competition from Under 9 through to Senior competition, the addition of new teams on a year by year basis from -    Within already registered clubs    Newly formed clubs    Existing clubs wishing to move all their teams into GMCL    Existing clubs wishing to enter a team or teams in the GMCL, but wishing to retain other teams in other leagues.
1.4.3.    Standard of Competition    With a large number of clubs in the competition, GMCL offers a wide range of standards and abilities to suit all clubs and players,    For long standing clubs, GMCL will provide a competitive league at the applicants standard and place the new team appropriately based on past performance.    For new teams or clubs with no history in league competition we will consider representations made based on the level their registered players have played at but the likelihood is that new teams may have to take a place at the lower divisions on commencement with us.
1.4.4.    League Requirements    GMCL can accept any new or existing team that has the agreed regular use of a ground with facilities.        Officials of new clubs must have no bans or issues with other leagues or with County or National Governing Bodies.    See Right to Refuse below.

1.4.5.    Applying to join the league    Newly formed clubs or current member clubs    wishing to add teams should contact The Board at as soon as they are ready to go ahead but by October 31st before the season they wish to join the league and    we will work to support the club and ensure suitable placement in our divisions for their first season.    Newly formed clubs must have ground agreements and facilities in place by October 31st for the application to be accepted at that time.    Clubs wishing to transfer to GMCL from another league    Can in the first instance, in advance of any application, request more information that they may need by mailing Subject : “Application to join league; Request for information” and    should ensure that they follow the rule requirements of the league they are leaving and the League Cricket Conference for resignation dates.    GMCL should be notified of your intention to join at the earliest possible time, even informally to allow for the preparation of outcomes for the season ahead and for divisional structure for the joining season.    Clubs, with their own ground and facilities, left stranded with a reduced standard or without any competition by the movement of other clubs in their league    will be accepted into GMCL without hindrance and should e-mail (Subject: “Application to join league for “XXXX season”) at the earliest possible opportunity to allow The Board to make preparations of divisional structures for the season ahead.

1.4.6.    GMCL Competitions are open to applications from:    All senior teams or    Sunday teams or    Junior teams or    Any combination of the above    GMCL will accept junior teams from clubs in other senior leagues. Applications should be sent by e-mail headed “New Junior Team” to by 31st December prior to the season that you wish to participate in.    GMCL will allow Third XI teams from clubs in other leagues to join GMCL Sunday Competition, applications to enter a Third XI in the GMCL Sunday Competition should be sent by e-mail headed “New Third XI Team” to by 31st October prior to the season that you wish to participate in.

1.4.7.    Right to Refuse    GMCL will seek to support all applications but has the right to refuse applications, where clubs, their administrators or their coaching staff    Are banned from competing by County or National Governing Bodies    Are unable to verify the availability of ground or facilities    Have debts or unpaid charges involving other clubs, leagues or cricket Governing Bodies.        GMCL has the right to refuse an application from a new team, where the club, their administrators or their coaching staff have moved in numbers from an existing GMCL member club without that club’s agreement.


3.    GMCL Structure
3.1.    GMCL Open Age League Cricket
3.1.1.    Levels, Tiers and Divisions    The GMCL Saturday competition will contain multiple tiers, each with one or more divisions providing promotion and relegation throughout.    The GMCL Sunday competition will contain several tiers and provide promotion and relegation throughout.    Divisions above the lowest tier will contain a minimum of 12 teams and each team will play all other teams in the division Home and Away.
3.1.2.    Amendments & Reviews    The Saturday and Sunday League structure will be reviewed annually by the Board to consider any movement of clubs in the region into or out of GMCL and changes in the number of teams from within clubs already registered to take part in the GMCL.

3.2.    GMCL Cup competitions
3.2.1.    Management of Cup Competitions    The cup competitions shall be under the control of the Board with the number of competitions and format reviewed annually.     All decisions regarding the interpretation and implementation of the rules lie with the Board
3.2.2.    Competitions    There will be a Sunday Cup known as the Per-Fit Windows Sunday Cup which is open to all teams playing in the Sunday League plus Third XIs playing in the Saturday Competition.    All Second XI teams playing on Saturday shall play in the Second XI Cup alongside any Second XIs from the Sunday Competition who elect to play in this Cup, which shall be called The Per-Fit Windows Second XI Cup.    The number of First XI cup competitions will vary with the aim of limiting the number of Sunday games for first teams but also providing clubs at all levels with the real opportunity of winning a trophy against clubs of a similar standard but will provide the following    The highest placed 32 First XI teams shall compete for “The Derek Kay Cup sponsored by Per-Fit Windows”.    Should the number of remaining Saturday First XI teams exceed 39, the highest placed 32 shall compete for “The 1st XI League Cup sponsored by Per-Fit Windows”, The remainder shall compete for “The 1st XI Championship Cup sponsored by Per-Fit Windows”.    Should the number of remaining Saturday First XI teams be less than 40, The teams shall compete for “The 1st XI Championship Cup sponsored by Per-Fit Windows”.    Entry into the appropriate competitions shall be compulsory for all Saturday League teams.        Teams competing in the Sunday Competition can choose not to play in Cup competitions