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(Page updated and verified as accurate on 2 Aug 2020)

This page explains how DLS works in practice

The System

Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS) is a system for generating revised targets in weather interrupted cricket games.

It provides two clear numbers when required:

  • DLS Revised Target is a target for the team batting second where overs have been lost to bad weather after the first ball of the first innings is bowled.
  • DLS Par provides a comparison figure after each ball during the second innings to inform players, umpires and spectators of the comparative scores. This figure only comes into play after the mimimum overs in an innings (5 in GMCL20, 20 in League and cup) in determining a result where a game ends abruptly and no further play is possible.


Key Actions

Where weather affects the game and overs are lost

  • before the first innings,
  • during the first innings,
  • between innings or
  • during the second innings

Three things must happen

  • The umpires calculate the time lost and are required to notify the scorers of the number of overs lost at every event.
  • The scorers enter the overs lost on the cricHQ app at every event (at the time it happens) using the Action / Add Weather Delay / Enter Overs Lost keys.
  • The umpires must confirm with the scorers that they have entered the overs lost.

The game must not restart until this is done.


The Numbers

When the key actions are carried out, the cricHQ app carries out the DLS calculations that are needed.

  • If there is a revised target for the second innings, this will be displayed on the cricHQ app at the commencement of the second innings and at every resumption after any subsequent loss of overs.
  • After restarting the game on the app after each break, the scorers will notify the umpires of the Revised Target.
  • The umpires should then share this with the captains.
  • The Revised target is to be displayed on the scoreboard.

The revised Target is to be accepted by scorers, umpires and players

  • because cricHQ uses the latest professional level DLS calculators and
  • the system is used in all senior league and cup games in GMCL to determine the targets in weather affected games in 20, 40, 45 and 50 over competitions.
  • Other stand alone DL or DLS calculator apps that are available may generate slightly different numbers but the cricHQ version is the standard and must be used in all GMCL games
  • There can be no objection because it "doesn't look right". It is a complex calculation made even more so with multiple breaks.



The only objection is that the scorers have not correctly entered the over reductions as notified. 

Objection at the time of a restart

If either captain believes a figure is wrong it can only be checked in the presence of the umpires and scorers at the time each delay is recorded and the game restarted on the app before the next ball is bowled at the restart.

this will involve checking that the overs lost entry is correct. No other information is relevant at that time.

Objection after the match

If all procedures have been correctly followed by scorers, umpires and captains then there should be no objections.

A precedent has been set that if errors are made, that the result as agreed on the day nust be accepted, and those failing to apply the procedure should re-learn the process.