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Marston's GMCL15 - 2020 Season Adjustments

Marston's GMCL15 - 2020 Season Adjustments

As well as the ECB adjustments for adaptive play in the restart of cricket we advise the following for our shorter midweek competition. 

We have not allocated any games to Sundays as there will be a limited number of umpires available on Sundays.


GMCL15 Playing Conditions

If your club has entered the GMCL15 competition, the playing conditions will be in accordance with GMCL20 rules subject to the following adjustments necessitated by the format being 15 over games to allow matches to take place in late summer evenings


Before the start of each game, the umpires to instruct scorer to deduct 10 overs from the game (5 per per innings) on the cricHQ scorecard

Umpires fees

The umpire fees of £30 per umpire shall be paid before the toss (half per club). If there is no play the fee is halved. These fees are to be placed in an envelope showing the team list on the front, one paid envelope per team containing the fee.

15 over games

Games shall be 15 overs per innings. All references in the rules to 20 overs shall be amended to 15 overs.

Times and rearrangements

Matches shall start no later than 6pm. 
The latest finish time for a match shall be 8.15pm
The following table shows start times when a match has reduced overs from the start
Start Time and Overs

Start by Overs Start by Overs Start by Overs Start by Overs
6pm 15 6:08pm 14 6:16pm 13 6:24 pm 12
6:32pm 11 6:40pm 10 6:48pm 9 6:56pm 8
7:04pm 7 7:12pm 6 7:20pm 5    

There is no play after a reduction to below 5 overs

There are no reserve dates in the calendar. For any game in which there is no play, this shall count as abandonment except that the clubs concerned can agree (in writing on or before the original match date) to play at a rearranged date (only one rearrangement is permitted) provided the rearranged game date is on or prior to 31st August.

Divisions and points

Each GMCL15 division shall be a mini league where each team plays each other once. There are no subsequent knock out stages. The group winner and positions in the group are determined by:
a) Most points
b) If two or more clubs have equal points then positions will be determined by overall net run rate as calculated by CricHQ
c) If still equal then positions are deemed jointly held (including the group winner title)

Points in GMCL15 are as per GMCL20 group stages ie Win 3, Loss 0, Tie 1 (no account taken of wickets lost), and Abandoned 1 
On no account are there any bowl outs in GMCL15

Overs maxima

No bowler may bowl more than 3 overs. If reduced overs, no more than 1/5 of the overs available as per the following table
Overs Available          Max Overs per Bowler
15                                  3                    
14                                  Only 4 can bowl 3
13                                  Only 3 can bowl 3
12                                  Only 2 can bowl 3
11                                  Only 1 can bowl 3 
10                                   2
9                                     Only 4 can bowl 2 
8                                     Only 3 can bowl 2
7                                     Only 2 can bowl 2 
6                                     Only 1 can bowl 2 
5                                    1

Innings timing

The playing time per 15 over innings is 1 hour (ie reducing the 1h 15mins for a 20 over game but allowing time for a minimum of 2 sanitization breaks) in a 15 over innings

Power plays

In a 15 over game the first 5 overs shall be Power Play overs. If an innings is reduced then the Power Play overs shall be reduced as indicated below
Overs         Power play overs
12-14            4
9-11               3 
5-8                2