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Match Balls

6.    The Match Balls
6.1.    The Mandatory balls for use in the GMCL for 2018 will be per the image on this page
6.2.    In the Premier Division, Divisions 1, 2 & 3 
6.2.1.    clubs must start the game with a new Oxbridge Windsor Ball. 
6.2.2.    The spare ball must be a used Oxbridge Windsor Ball.

6.3.    For all Divisions below Division 3 including Sunday Divisions 
6.3.1.    clubs must start the game with a new Oxbridge Windsor Ball, a used Oxbridge Windsor Ball, a new Oxbridge Hampton or a new Oxbridge St James Ball. 
6.3.2.    The spare ball shall be a used Oxbridge Windsor, used Oxbridge Hampton or a used Oxbridge St James Ball. 

6.4.    Only stamped GMCL balls are to be used from 2017. 
6.4.1.    Umpires will enforce this.

6.5    Exceptions
6.5.1.    The only exceptions for 2018 are: Clubs who played in the Pennine League in 2017 may use new stamped Pennine League Balls for 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI games in 2018.    There are no other exceptions in place

6.6    Ordering and Payment
6.6.1    See the form here:
6.6.2    Payment    50% of the cost is due before collection is released, 50% is due at May 31st    Late payments will attract a supplementary cost and a points penalty to all teams from any club still owing.    Any issues over payment should be referred to the Board as soon as problems are identified and no later than the start of the season. Please mail