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Player Averages

Player Averages

GMCL give awards at the end of season dinner for the best players in each Division (cup matches not included) . These are given for best performance by players playing over 50% of the season's games in that Division, which for the Saturday Competition is 12 games, Sunday Prem, Div 1 & Div 2 is 10 games, Sunday A, B, C & D is 7 games.
Best Batting Average (minimum 400 runs, 320 runs, 220 runs)
Best Bowling Average (minimum 30 wickets, 25 wickets, 20 wickets)
Best Fielder (Most Catches only)
Best Wicketkeeper (Catches & Stumpings only)
Best MVP (cricHQ stats)

Named Professionals, Overseas Professionals and Overseas Amateurs are not included in the awards.

We want to make sure that every player who qualifies is considered however there are a number of players for whom there are multiple entries on scorecards.This is due to scorers creating a player on the day instead of using the official player record on cricHQ, possibly where the club admin hadnt added the player to the team squad or using an unofficial match which was later added to cricHQ.

The links to each division are below so after opening if you click on "player" at the top it will sort the names into alpha order and you can check if all your performances have been included. if you have more than one record AND you believe you may qualify for any of the awards when the records are brought together please click on the name that looks out of place and when opened click on matches and note down the games that it shows and send an e-mail to - enter AVERAGES 2019 in the subject line and in the mail state

  • club,
  • players correct name,
  • Division,
  • date and
  • match.

Please add detail of all matches where the incorrect player record has been used. 


We will have to amend each scorecard manually so by identifying the games for us this will significantly reduce the time of the job.we have to do.

At the end of the season we will be sending out a form for wicktkeepers to claim the best keeeper award , crciHQ doesnt differentiate between fielding and keeper catches so we have to check every game for wicketkeeping performances.

Here are the links

Premier League


Div 1A


Div 1B


Div 2A


Div 2B


Div 3W


Div 3E


Div 4W


Div 4E


Div 5W


Div 5E


Sun Prem


Sun Div 1


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