Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016




Players - Eligibility - Exemption Requests


The information given here is for guidance only and does not replace the full rules on player eligibility or exemption and the rules should be considered in full HERE


Player Eligibility Restrictions

GMCL has restrictions on the standard of players at a club who can play in their lower grade teams.  There are full rules covering the restrictions HERE


Exemption Requests

In exceptional circumstances, for example an unexpected temporary shortage of eligible players, clubs can apply to use an ineligible player in a Sunday League match in a maximum of two matches per club per season.

  • Application can only be made for the lowest grade List B available player only when there are no unstarred players or junior exempt players available,
  • List A players or Category 3 players may not be used under any circumstances
  • Players who have played 3 of last 5 1st XI games cannot be used
  • Special consideration will however be given for applications for wicket keepers
  • Players used may not bowl, may not bat above 7 and may not bat before any under 18 players
  • Exemptions are not allowed for Saturday League Games, Cup games or GMCL20 games


Exemption requests should be made as soon as you are aware of the issue but no later than 8pm on the Thursday preceding the Sunday game.

  • The captain should e-mail the league ( and two club officials should be copied in
  • detailing the issue and listing all the players who are unavailable
  • stating the name of the registered player that the club wishes to use.
  • the league has full access to player statistics and can seek clarification, make a challenge or refuse the application 

Unexpected shortage of eligible players on matchday

  • The league will not give a ruling
  • Umpires will not give a ruling or prevent a player from playing
  • Providing that the club has not used up its 2 game allocation for the season, in the absence of all other eligible players the club may select the lowest grade List B player available.
  • The team captain must notify the opposing captain and the umpires before the start of the game
  • The opposing captain must confirm to the umpire at the toss that he has been notified
  • The player used may not bowl, may not bat above 7 and may not bat before any under 18 players

post match

Should a player be used that is not prior approved or is used in the game outside the limitations then

  • the league or opponents may challenge the selection after the match
  • the league will seek information from the club and check that the opposition have used wholly eligible players
  • the match result can be reversed and a penalty applied if the club have not selected an appropriate player or followed the limitation rules
  • The Board will make a decision based on sporting integrity, club intention and the impact of the player on the game.
  • Whatever the result this will count as one of the two exemptions


Advice can be sought from the league in advance of the deadline by mailing