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Greater Manchester Cricket League

Founded 2016

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Points, Outcomes and Awards

This section covers how points and the bonus point are awarded, how tables are decided, relegation and promotion places and the qualifications for league awards.

11.    The Points & Outcomes
11.1.    League Game Points
11.1.1.    Five points for a win, three for a tie, two points where there is no result, no points for a defeat.

11.2.    Bonus points
11.2.1.    No bonus points are awarded in any reduced over games
11.2.2.    Only one bonus point is awarded in a League Game.

11.2.3.    Winning Team Bonus Point    One bonus point to a team dismissing their opponents in the second innings for less than 75% of their total.    One bonus point for a team winning by 7 wickets or more (chasing down a total and losing no more than 3 wickets)
11.2.4.    Losing Team Bonus Point    One bonus point for a team batting second who fail to equal or beat their opponents score but, score 75% or more of the total and have not been dismissed by the end of their innings.    One point for a team taking 7 wickets in the second innings but losing the match.

11.3.    Finding the Season’s Winners
11.3.1.    All points count    All points achieved in all league games less any penalty points will count toward the final placing in the Division.
11.3.2.    League Champions    The club scoring the most points in each division at the end of the season shall be considered the Champions of that division for that year.

11.3.3.    Where teams have equal points    and the position relates to either title winning, promotion or relegation places    the club having the most outright (5 & 6 point) wins shall occupy the higher position.    If clubs are still level, then the club with the most points gained in the fixtures between the tied clubs shall take the higher league position.    If clubs with equal records at this point are at the head of the table and are still level, the title shall be shared.    If clubs with equal records at this point prevent promotion or relegation places being determined, then the net run rate for the league season as displayed on the league table in cricHQ shall be used and the team with the highest NRR taking the higher place.    If still equal the promotion and relegation will be determined by the club scoring the most runs in the league season taking the higher place.

11.4.    Promotion and relegation
11.4.1.    Promotion and relegation will flow through the structure    We will continue to maximise the opportunity for promotion and relegation as stated in the prospectus.    The GMCL Board will announce the future structure and promotion and relegation which will be determined by the Board after consultation with clubs and announced at the AGM prior to the season, if not earlier.    It is not always possible to state the exact makeup of our divisions  whilst the County, National and League Cricket Conference allow a resignation date in the middle of the season. 

11.4.2.    Exemptions to the normal flow of promotion & relegation    No teams from the same club may play in the same division or same tier, except the lowest tier.    If a team is relegated and a team from the same club is in the recipient tier then BOTH teams must be relegated, unless the team is being relegated into the lowest tier, in which case clubs will play the following season in separate divisions of the lowest tier.    A team cannot be promoted if there is a team from the same club in the division above.    No Second XI can be promoted to play in the same or higher level than the same club’s First XI,    No Third XI may play in a higher level than the same club’s First XI or Second XI.


11.5.    New teams and the effect on Promotion and Relegation
11.5.1.    Current league regulations across the country require resignation from old leagues in mid-season which gives us little time to prepare for clubs joining us for the following season    The GMCL Board therefore reserve the right to review the Promotion and Relegation numbers for the end of season in the July of each season.    The GMCL Board always seek to place new clubs with teams of equal ability    The GMCL Board will always aim to lessen the impact on current GMCL clubs as much as possible.

12.    Annual League Awards
12.1.    Information
12.1.1.    All information taken from CricHQ.
12.1.2.    Named Professionals and Overseas Players are not included in these awards
12.1.3.    Awards will be presented at the Annual Presentation Evening for each Senior Division    The details of the Senior Awards Dinner will be placed on the league website and newsletters

12.2.    Categories
12.2.1.    The awards categories are:    Highest Batting Average    Lowest Bowling Average    Wicket Keepers, Highest number of victims    Fielding, most catches    MVP, highest score for the season as determined by cricHQ

12.3.    Qualification
12.3.1.    Minimum 12 league matches
12.3.2.    Cup matches will not be included in the League Awards
12.3.3.    Category Qualification    Batting – minimum 400 runs    Bowling – minimum 30 wickets    Wicket-keeping -  highest number    Fielding – highest number 

12.4.    Averages of Professionals and Overseas Amateur players 
12.4.1.    All averages are shown in the divisional averages, displayed on the website but no awards are given