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Starred Players 2019

Starred Players 2019

Last updated : 16:00 28 Jun 2019

In order to make our competition fair there are rules in place to stop the best players playing in club's lower standard teams. Clubs should update their previous year's list for the 2019 season.

Each club with more than one team is required to complete a form for their players.

The rules are show in Player Eligibility under the GMCL Rules menu from 2.9.

In summary (but not to replace the rules)

  • Each team with two teams must name a minimum of their best 5 players to include all paid players whether named as professional or not and these players cannot play in the clubs second grade team.
  • In addition, any cubs with three or more teams must name their next best 11 and these players are exempt from playing in their third grade or lower teams.


The list of the best 5 or best 16 players at a club may include Under 18 players. Under 18 players can play in a 3rd XI or lower even if starred.


The form for submitting your listed players or amendments is now a Google Form HERE

This should be a statement of fact, amendments are to be a full revised list.

Only eligible players should be listed, (e.g. a player who cannot play until after June cannot be listed until June) Attempts to get around the system or mislead the Board or opponents will be frowned upon and may incur penalties.

The Board will monitor the list and will challenge entries where applicable.

Changes can be made with good reasoning at any time but the list must be updated for the final time by 30th June.

The lists below show the lists submitted by clubs but where the club list has not been received an enforced list is now in place and should be adhered to. Any objections to

Clubs who had submitted lists are coming up to the time when their original lists will be checked against actual performances so if you have players who have not played or should be removed from the lists for any reason the club should complete a new list

This is the 2019 list

List A - players ineligible for 2nd XI, 3rd XI, 4th XI

List B - players ineligible for 3rd XI & 4th XI

ClubTeamsList ReqdPlayers ListedPlayers OutstandingListStarred for 2nd & 3rd Team
Ashton CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1James Edmondson
     List A Player 2Bradley Wilshaw- Phillips
     List A Player 3Matthew Job
     List A Player 4Danny Hawthorne
     List A Player 5Ryan Heap
     List B Player 1Lee Hewitt
     List B Player 2Lee Wallace
     List B Player 3Matthew Hewitt
     List B Player 4Mike Shenton
     List B Player 5Jason Mellor
     List B Player 6Tom Rayson (Under 18)
     List B Player 7Rico Chandarana (Under 18)
     List B Player 8Rhys Elliott (Under 18)
     List B Player 9Ayaz Choudhry (Under 18)
     List B Player 10Daanish Chaudhry (Under 18)
     List B Player 11Om Trivedi (Under 18)
Ashton Ladysmith CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Paul Reynolds
     List A Player 2David Gaskin
     List A Player 3Khaliq Ur Rehman
     List A Player 4Mitesh Patel
     List A Player 5Chris Collings
     List B Player 1Anthony Rogers
     List B Player 2Dharmesh Trevedi
     List B Player 3Hitesh Mehta
     List B Player 4Joe Walsh
     List B Player 5Ravindra Tripatih
     List B Player 6Michael Sanderson
     List B Player 7Mark Collings
     List B Player 8Keith White
     List B Player 9Anthony Jevons
     List B Player 10Pinal Shah
     List B Player 11Rajiv David
Astley & Tyldesley CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1James Cutt
     List A Player 2Alex Heaton
     List A Player 3Chris Ware
     List A Player 4James Loveridge
     List A Player 5Karl Birkenstock (pro)
     List B Player 1Paul Bennett
     List B Player 2Aaron Booth
     List B Player 3Jordan O'Malley
     List B Player 4Tony Kelly
     List B Player 5Andrew Chapman
     List B Player 6Tom Pemberton
     List B Player 7Jordan Hughes
     List B Player 8Graham Capstick
     List B Player 9Srinivas Valluru
     List B Player 10Nathan Burns
     List B Player 11Tom Gregory
Astley Bridge CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1David Cryer
     List A Player 2Denuwan Dadallage
     List A Player 3Millen Patel
     List A Player 4Chris Lane
     List A Player 5Yasir Rashid
     List A Player 6Jack Bentham
     List A Player 7Joe Ducker
     List A Player 8Irfan Puda
     List A Player 9Matt Hargraves
     List A Player 10Amal Dalugoda
     List A Player 11Soyab Taylor
     List B Player 1Kai Hodgkiss
     List B Player 2Ady Cooper
     List B Player 3James Cooper
     List B Player 4Sakib Afzal
     List B Player 5Paresh Patail
Austerlands CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Roger Arendse (Pro)
     List A Player 2Chris Williamson (O/s)
     List A Player 3Lee Milner
     List A Player 4Peter Higginbottam
     List A Player 5Adam Sunderland
     List B Player 1Adam Young
     List B Player 2Greg Scholes
     List B Player 3James Thompson
     List B Player 4Asim Raza
     List B Player 5Michael Lockett
     List B Player 6Neil Inkpen
     List B Player 7James Holt
     List B Player 8Andy Young
     List B Player 9Thomas Moule (U18s)
     List B Player 10Shahryar Mahamood (U18's)
     List B Player 11Syed Hassan (U18s)
Bamford Fieldhouse CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Mel Austin
     List A Player 2Will White
     List A Player 3Tim Fenby
     List A Player 4Ben Wood
     List A Player 5Ray Baker
Blackley CC1No List0No  
Bolton Deane & Derby CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Anis Patel
     List A Player 2Sarfraz Patel
     List A Player 3Imtiaz Hussain
     List A Player 4Jabir Patel
     List A Player 5Farooq Ughradar
     List A Player 6Mohamed Patel
     List A Player 7Mohamed Bhola
     List A Player 8Samir Ughradar
     List A Player 9Yahya Adia
     List A Player 10Dawood Rawat
     List A Player 11Junaid Rawat
     List B Player 1Ashraf Tai
     List B Player 2Jarjis Jeewa
     List B Player 3Mustufa Bhaiji
     List B Player 4Wajid Patel
     List B Player 5Taha Ahmed
Bolton Indians CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Jitesh Patel
     List A Player 2Ketan Patel
     List A Player 3Dipesh Patel
     List A Player 4Anish Patel
     List A Player 5Firoz Bhaiyat
Brooksbottom CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Moshin Iqbal
     List A Player 2Ashley Gowers (Pro)
     List A Player 3Dominic Gowers
     List A Player 4Sam Emberton
     List A Player 5Oliver Laker
     List B Player 1Oliver Hawley
     List B Player 2Umar Iqbal
     List B Player 3Paul Hopton
     List B Player 4Kyle Ogden
     List B Player 5Muhammad Zubair Rao
     List B Player 6Zohaib Qureshi
     List B Player 7David Brown
     List B Player 8Ryan MacDonald
     List B Player 9Brian Boys
     List B Player 10Andrew Lees
     List B Player 11Aaron Thomas
Bury CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Milton Shumba
     List A Player 2Wicardo Visser
     List A Player 3Ben Gorton
     List A Player 4Alex Breckin
     List A Player 5Sam Holt
     List B Player 1Jon Wiggans
     List B Player 2Dominic Morris
     List B Player 3Jacob Ramsay
     List B Player 4Sam Nolan-Massey
     List B Player 5Matt Donnelly
     List B Player 6Bradley Edge
     List B Player 7Lee Halliwell (Under 18)
     List B Player 8Gary Garner
     List B Player 9Mumtaz Mirza
     List B Player 10Nathan Ramsay (Under 18)
     List B Player 11Majid Mohammed
Clifton CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Gareth Cross
     List A Player 2Adam Holt
     List A Player 3Ryan Barker
     List A Player 4Steven Cheetham
     List A Player 5Joe McCann
     List B Player 1Muhammad Ahmed
     List B Player 2Charlie Dorsey
     List B Player 3Liam Dorsey
     List B Player 4Sam Dorsey (Under 18)
     List B Player 5Robert Lord (Under 18)
     List B Player 6Chris Lord
     List B Player 7David Dempster
     List B Player 8Stephen Judge
     List B Player 9Dan Ainscough (Under 18)
     List B Player 10Robert Reade
     List B Player 11Rob Meredith
Darcy Lever CC3Lists A&B17NoList A Player 1Imran Sadiq PRO
     List A Player 2James Walsh-Hill
     List A Player 3Jake Cooper
     List A Player 4Andrew Patel
     List A Player 5Chris Fenn
     List A Player 6Alex Lee
     List A Player 7Ayaz Hanif
     List A Player 8Scott Burns
     List A Player 9Dominic Gavin
     List A Player 10Shokat Patel
     List A Player 11Sajid Mahmood
     List B Player 1Toseef Hanif
     List B Player 2Bilal Khan
     List B Player 3Adeel Hanif
     List B Player 4Waqar Ali
     List B Player 5Chris Whitehead
     List B Player 6Nehman Rashid
Denton CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Ali Sarfraz (Pro)
     List A Player 2Romano Esau (O/S Am)
     List A Player 3Shabnan Ali
     List A Player 4Mukhtar Nasir
     List A Player 5Mikey Watt
     List B Player 1Jack Mcclung
     List B Player 2Liam Greer
     List B Player 3Joshua Rhodes
     List B Player 4Samuel Rhodes
     List B Player 5Ashley Stephenson
     List B Player 6Daniel Holland
     List B Player 7Daniel Nicholls
     List B Player 8Peter Coffey
     List B Player 9Johnny Stackhouse
     List B Player 10Oliver Pilkington
     List B Player 11Al Roughley
Denton St Lawrence CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Neil Hornbuckle (Pro)
     List A Player 2Nick bailey (Overseas)
     List A Player 3Matthew Sonczac
     List A Player 4Liam Parkinson
     List A Player 5Scott Kirwin
     List B Player 1Adam Hawley
     List B Player 2Ben Tighe
     List B Player 3Mark Dillnut
     List B Player 4Matt Hawley
     List B Player 5Kyle O'Reily
     List B Player 6Kabil Akram
     List B Player 7Mohammed Numan
     List B Player 8Danny Moss
     List B Player 9Danny Hall
     List B Player 10Mark Selby
     List B Player 11Kieran Parkinson
Denton West CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Somila Seyibokwe
     List A Player 2Max Cole
     List A Player 3Jordan Williams
     List A Player 4Aquib Uppal
     List A Player 5Hamish Dunlop
     List B Player 1Andrew O'Brien
     List B Player 2Luke Kilburn
     List B Player 3John Barnett
     List B Player 4Luke Melling
     List B Player 5Ben Lowndes
     List B Player 6Conor Woolley
     List B Player 7John Mcallister
     List B Player 8John Foreman
     List B Player 9George Hill
     List B Player 10Matt Burton
     List B Player 11Gareth Senior
Droylsden CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Mehmood Ul-Hassan*
     List A Player 2Alex Jones
     List A Player 3Matt Halliday*
     List A Player 4Ali Muzaffar
     List A Player 5Jahinger Mushtaq
     List B Player 1Rehan Anwar
     List B Player 2Richard Mooney*
     List B Player 3Mike Schofield*
     List B Player 4Finlay Phillips
     List B Player 5Nick Goldstraw
     List B Player 6Danny Taylor*
     List B Player 7Bahroz Ahmed*
     List B Player 8Joe Schofield
     List B Player 9Andrew Screen
     List B Player 10Jamie Walker
     List B Player 11Neven Meisura
Dukinfield CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Ajmal Ghafoor
     List A Player 2Wes Fernando
     List A Player 3Ernest Masuku
     List A Player 4Glynn Middleton
     List A Player 5Jake Fenton
East Lancs Paper Mill CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Mark Robinson
     List A Player 2Damion Keegan
     List A Player 3Matthew Smalley
     List A Player 4Adam Sajewicz
     List A Player 5Gavin Greaves
     List B Player 1Ian Wade
     List B Player 2Matthew Partington
     List B Player 3Lewis Birmingham
     List B Player 4Simon Carr
     List B Player 5Joe Shiels
     List B Player 6Craig Holt
     List B Player 7Mike Hodson
     List B Player 8Daniel Roberts
     List B Player 9Joe Shiels
     List B Player 10Paul Hewart
     List B Player 11Will Turnbull
Edenfield CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Adam Barnes
     List A Player 2Paul Gallagher (Pro)
     List A Player 3Christian MacDonald (OA)
     List A Player 4Fred Nixon
     List A Player 5Andrew Rushton
     List B Player 1James Mackenzie
     List B Player 2James Flitcroft
     List B Player 3Harry Fallon
     List B Player 4Jack Fallon
     List B Player 5Mark Fallon
     List B Player 6Dan Jenkins
     List B Player 7Alfie Taylor
     List B Player 8Matt Nixon
     List B Player 9George Nixon
     List B Player 10Joe Flitcroft
     List B Player 11Matt Cotton
Edgworth CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Liam Watkinson
     List A Player 2Umega Chatharanga
     List A Player 3Christian Smith
     List A Player 4Josh Fallows
     List A Player 5Dave Parkinson
     List B Player 1Rob Bancroft
     List B Player 2Simon Lord
     List B Player 3Alex Hughes
     List B Player 4Andrew Mills
     List B Player 5Nick Davies
     List B Player 6Outstanding
     List B Player 7Outstanding
     List B Player 8Outstanding
     List B Player 9Outstanding
     List B Player 10Outstanding
     List B Player 11Outstanding
Egerton CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1J Liyanage (pro)
     List A Player 2N Whitelaw (o/s)
     List A Player 3D Partington
     List A Player 4S DeSilva
     List A Player 5M Parkinson
     List B Player 1W Halton
     List B Player 2C Dickinson (Under 18)
     List B Player 3P Dickinson
     List B Player 4M Pratt
     List B Player 5D Hamnett
     List B Player 6D Dudley
     List B Player 7A Patel (Under 18)
     List B Player 8T Partington (Under 18)
     List B Player 9J Hyland (Under 18)
     List B Player 10E Liddle (Under 18)
     List B Player 11G Taylor (Under 18)
Elton CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Gareth Edwards
     List A Player 2Gavin Nicholl
     List A Player 3Adam Stansfield
     List A Player 4Chris Barlow
     List A Player 5David Murray
     List B Player 1Ben Morris
     List B Player 2Michael Farley
     List B Player 3Mike Hall
     List B Player 4Ste Ritchie
     List B Player 5Tom Booth
     List B Player 6Calum Roberts
     List B Player 7Rob Powell
     List B Player 8Steven Filkins
     List B Player 9Danny Lomax
     List B Player 10Michael Bryan-Jones
     List B Player 11Jack Smith
Elton Vale CC1No List0No  
Failsworth Macedonia CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Peter Marriott
     List A Player 2Lewis Wood (under 18)
     List A Player 3Ethan Shackley (Under 18)
     List A Player 4Mohammed Rizwan
     List A Player 5Mark Chambers
Farnworth Social Circle CC3Lists A&B17NoList A Player 1David Tonge
     List A Player 2Damith Perera
     List A Player 3Cobey Cornish
     List A Player 4David Mather
     List A Player 5Tim Barrow
     List A Player 6Chris Barrow
     List A Player 7Carl Glover
     List A Player 8Jamie Bohannon
     List A Player 9Connor Dalton
     List A Player 10Simon Harrison
     List A Player 11Micheal Daley
     List B Player 1Liam Ashworth
     List B Player 2Matthew Knight
     List B Player 3Andrew Brookes
     List B Player 4Ryan Ayre
     List B Player 5Richard Dempster
     List B Player 6Christian Walsh
Flixton CC2List A6NoList A Player 1Luke Perry
     List A Player 2Usman Tariq
     List A Player 3Marlon Welcome Goodman
     List A Player 4Alton Beckford
     List A Player 5Kamron Basherat
     List A Player 6AK Ghafoor
Flowery Field CC2List A16NoList A Player 1Mike Burns
     List A Player 2Sean Gibson
     List A Player 3Mike Finan
     List A Player 4Kurtlyn Mannikam
     List A Player 5Jamie Garde
Friarmere CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Jamie King
     List A Player 2Sohail Mahmood
     List A Player 3Ishtiaq Hussain
     List A Player 4Abdur Rehman
     List A Player 5Zeeshan Khan
     List B Player 1Mohammed Kamran
     List B Player 2Abid Hussain
     List B Player 3Mohammed Farukh
     List B Player 4Mohammed Asif
     List B Player 5Gul Bahar
     List B Player 6Mohammed Wahid Munir
     List B Player 7Kessar Shezad
     List B Player 8Naeem Sabir
     List B Player 9Abbass Ali
     List B Player 10Mohammed Zohaib
     List B Player 11Iftikhar Amed
Friends Sporting Club2List A5NoList A Player 1SOJAN MATHEW
     List A Player 2Usman ali
     List A Player 3Jiju Philip Simon
     List A Player 4Anil Mathew
     List A Player 5Kush Sharma
Friends United CC1No List0No  
Glodwick CC4Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Mohammad Mohsin PRO
     List A Player 2Gustav Prinsloo (OS)
     List A Player 3Zain Tahir
     List A Player 4Mark Whitehead
     List A Player 5Franco Lenhardt
     List B Player 1Imran Asghar
     List B Player 2Thokeer Tariq
     List B Player 3Farakh Sagir
     List B Player 4Zaheeb Mirza
     List B Player 5Daniel Stock
     List B Player 6Tom Jones
     List B Player 7Numaan Aslam
     List B Player 8Nathan Connolly
     List B Player 9Sufyaan Ali
     List B Player 10Atiq Oraman
     List B Player 11Mubashar Zeer
Glossop CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Oliver Kenyon
     List A Player 2Alex Browne
     List A Player 3Cameron Ball
     List A Player 4Will Hargreaves
     List A Player 5Alex Coates
Golborne CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Adnan Raees
     List A Player 2Neil Tong
     List A Player 3Asif Patel
     List A Player 4Shahid Mahboob
     List A Player 5Moeen Sayed
     List B Player 1Brett Houghton U18
     List B Player 2Jake Waterworth
     List B Player 3Ciaran Vesey
     List B Player 4Dan Hewitt
     List B Player 5Ben Lyon
     List B Player 6Joe Smith
     List B Player 7Lewis Clarke
     List B Player 8Jack Kidman
     List B Player 9Tom Peacock
     List B Player 10Craig Ward
     List B Player 11Ralph Harvey U18
Greenfield CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Chris Gill
     List A Player 2Brad Woolley
     List A Player 3Adam Robinson
     List A Player 4Yohan de Silva (overseas pro)
     List A Player 5Harrison Woolley (overseas amateur)
     List B Player 1Joe Hepworth
     List B Player 2Michael ashworth
     List B Player 3Michael Bird
     List B Player 4Andrew Cadd
     List B Player 5Jamil Khalil
     List B Player 6Glyn Partington
     List B Player 7James Chamberlain
     List B Player 8Matt White (U18s)
     List B Player 9Matt Barlow (U18s)
     List B Player 10Dylan Fitzgerald (U18s)
     List B Player 11Adam Howarth (U18s)
Greenmount CC4Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Kaustub Pawar
     List A Player 2Andrew Kerr
     List A Player 3Ryan Senior
     List A Player 4Mohammed Nazim
     List A Player 5Cameron Smith
     List B Player 1Tom Heaton
     List B Player 2Lewis Dove
     List B Player 3Owen Feakes
     List B Player 4Nick Kennedy
     List B Player 5Callum Hunter (under 18)
     List B Player 6Evan Williams (under18)
     List B Player 7Andrew Bowker
     List B Player 8Dan Stevens (under 18)
     List B Player 9Adam Smith
     List B Player 10Chris Crawford
     List B Player 11Dave Willetts
Heyside CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Ashwin Hebbar
     List A Player 2Daniel Cashin
     List A Player 3Ben Holt
     List A Player 4Ryan Barnes
     List A Player 5Tom Avery
     List B Player 1Liam Garnett
     List B Player 2Nick Campbell
     List B Player 3Carl Newton
     List B Player 4Ste Firth
     List B Player 5Matthew Chadwick
     List B Player 6Matthew Robinson
     List B Player 7Jack Avery
     List B Player 8Jon Selby
     List B Player 9Lee Watkinson
     List B Player 10Lucas Trickett
     List B Player 11Leo Matthews
Heywood CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1R Cross
     List A Player 2J Kettleborough
     List A Player 3F Iqbal
     List A Player 4J Morley
     List A Player 5S Burrill
     List B Player 1A Dawson
     List B Player 2S Dawson
     List B Player 3K Cross
     List B Player 4W Hunt
     List B Player 5K Nugent
     List B Player 6L Mason
     List B Player 7J Seddon
     List B Player 8C Kaye
     List B Player 9J Mills
     List B Player 10D Latham
     List B Player 11J Seddon
Hindley St Peter’s CC2List A16NoList A Player 1Mark Wood
     List A Player 2Ian Chesworth
     List A Player 3Phil Moorfield
     List A Player 4Paul Delargy
     List A Player 5Joshua Hartfield
Irlam CC1No List0No  
Littleborough Lakeside CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Zamin Abbass
     List A Player 2Aqeel Ashraf
     List A Player 3Usman Ajmal
     List A Player 4Usman Malik
     List A Player 5Zohib Shah
     List B Player 1Mohammed Habib
     List B Player 2Abdul Rehman Chand
     List B Player 3Raja Saaqib Ismail
     List B Player 4Muhammed Hafeez
     List B Player 5Shoaib Shah
     List B Player 6Sayab
     List B Player 7Haider
     List B Player 8Qadeer Mahmood
     List B Player 9Kamran Afzal
     List B Player 10Asif Shafiq
     List B Player 11Haffiz Mahsood
Micklehurst CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Darrio Jaybarry Belle
     List A Player 2Johnathan Forrester
     List A Player 3Jake Caudwell
     List A Player 4David Barker
     List A Player 5Jack Darnbrough
Milnrow CC3Lists A&B0Yes  
Monton CC4Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Josh Lenihan
     List A Player 2Ali Chughtai
     List A Player 3Joe Kershaw
     List A Player 4Owais Shah
     List A Player 5Mohammed Ali
     List A Player 6Ash Zaidi
     List B Player 1Ali Nawaz
     List B Player 2Aamir riaz
     List B Player 3Danny Collins
     List B Player 4Rawaha Shahid
     List B Player 5Will Mcavoy
     List B Player 6Umar Chughtai
     List B Player 7Tom Coe
     List B Player 8Graham Lang
     List B Player 9Joe Coggins
     List B Player 10Ryan Morris
Moorside CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Ernest Kemm
     List A Player 2Nimroe Lategan
     List A Player 3Imran Khan
     List A Player 4Richard Harrington
     List A Player 5Shahid Mahmood
Mottram CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Stefan Fielding
     List A Player 2Oliver Andrew
     List A Player 3Andrew Metcalfe
     List A Player 4Michael Scott
     List A Player 5Jay Riley
     List A Player 6Jordan Irons
     List A Player 7Ryan Fitton
     List A Player 8Liam Wright
     List A Player 9James Dadge
     List A Player 10Alex Birch
     List A Player 11Jordan Swann (Under 18)
     List B Player 1Michael Marsden
     List B Player 2Peter Broscombe
     List B Player 3Ayrton Fielding
     List B Player 4James Collinson (Under 18)
     List B Player 5Harry Moore
Newton CC3Lists A&B0Yes  
Newton Heath CC1No List0No  
Oldham CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Jatinder Singh
     List A Player 2Anees Rehman
     List A Player 3M Asghar Jami
     List A Player 4Wasim Aslam
     List A Player 5Siraj Kadodia
Oldham West CC1No List0No  
Prestwich CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Ali Azmat
     List A Player 2Danny Pawson
     List A Player 3Sam Holden
     List A Player 4Lee Dale
     List A Player 5Ryan Stanbury
     List A Player 6James Wharmby
     List B Player 1Andy Bradley
     List B Player 2Tom Gibson
     List B Player 3Tom Scott
     List B Player 4Nathan Bailey
     List B Player 5Wilf Reeve
     List B Player 6Oliver Holt
     List B Player 7Alex Taylor
     List B Player 8Qasim Memon
     List B Player 9Lewis Jarvis
     List B Player 10Adam Taylor
Radcliffe CC1No List0No  
Roe Green CC3Lists A&B18NoList A Player 1Justin Kenyon
     List A Player 2Dan Cooper
     List A Player 3Luke Williams
     List A Player 4Joe Gattenby-Brown
     List A Player 5Andrew Hough
     List A Player 6Ben Chapman
     List A Player 7Mohammed Kashif
     List B Player 1Jordan Stephens
     List B Player 2Aaron Booth
     List B Player 3Jordan O'Malley
     List B Player 4Tony Kelly
     List B Player 5Andrew Chapman
     List B Player 6Tom Pemberton
     List B Player 7Jordan Hughes
     List B Player 8Graham Capstick
     List B Player 9Srinivas Valluru
     List B Player 10Nathan Burns
     List B Player 11Tom Gregory
Royton CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Chirag Khurana
     List A Player 2Renaldo Holder
     List A Player 3James Maurice Scott
     List A Player 4Daniel Maurice Scott
     List A Player 5Craig Joy
     List B Player 1Chris Jewell
     List B Player 2Mo Khan
     List B Player 3Nathan Sinkinson
     List B Player 4Nick Maxwell
     List B Player 5Angus Carruthers
     List B Player 6Joe Lovell
     List B Player 7Matthew England
     List B Player 8Joe Greaves
     List B Player 9Declan Bradbury
     List B Player 10Travis Martin
     List B Player 11Mason Everton
Saddleworth CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Asad Ali
     List A Player 2Francis Sutherland
     List A Player 3Steven Taylor
     List A Player 4Sam Holt (u18)
     List A Player 5M Haroon Cheema
Shaw CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Steve Whiston
     List A Player 2Lincoln Roberts (OA)
     List A Player 3Godalla Pathirage Sandakan Pathirana (Pro)
     List A Player 4tharshan thayalan
     List A Player 5Graeme Simpson
     List B Player 1Tom Needham
     List B Player 2Joe Whitehead
     List B Player 3Jack Boyle
     List B Player 4Rick Doherty
     List B Player 5Jack Pilling
     List B Player 6Richard Keaveny
     List B Player 7Brian Lord
     List B Player 8Danny Poole
     List B Player 9Martin Ashfield
     List B Player 10Steve Whitehead
     List B Player 11Billy Collin
South West Manchester CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Najeed Ahmad
     List A Player 2Mrinal Dasgupta
     List A Player 3Anish Ahmed Kari
     List A Player 4Mohammad Nana
     List A Player 5Hussan Javaid
     List B Player 1Tariq Mahmood
     List B Player 2Irfan Baig
     List B Player 3Waqas Ahmed
     List B Player 4Raja Sajid Hussain
     List B Player 5Talha Khan
     List B Player 6Muhammad Ali Khan
     List B Player 7Nawab Uddin
     List B Player 8Yasir Mahmood
     List B Player 9Arslan Sabir
     List B Player 10Ahmed Ibrar
     List B Player 11Rizwan Rehman
Springhead CCC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Wajid Khan
     List A Player 2Imran Amanat
     List A Player 3Mo Tayab
     List A Player 4Subtain Shah
     List A Player 5Mughal Maqsood
     List B Player 1Daniel Mulkeen Jnr
     List B Player 2Daniel Mulkeen Snr
     List B Player 3Luke Houldsworth
     List B Player 4Jamie Dell
     List B Player 5Parvez Hussain
     List B Player 6Bilal Tayab
     List B Player 7Martyn Kershaw
     List B Player 8Robert Shaw
     List B Player 9Michael Birkett
     List B Player 10Danny Willett
     List B Player 11Joe Rawlinson
Stand CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Nadeera Nawala
     List A Player 2Jamal Sukhon
     List A Player 3Danish Ateeq
     List A Player 4James Deeley
     List A Player 5Jack Delaney
     List B Player 1Luke Solis
     List B Player 2Sam Philips
     List B Player 3David Taylor
     List B Player 4Alex Bierne
     List B Player 5Dave Farmer
     List B Player 6Stuart Catterall
     List B Player 7Ali Asad
     List B Player 8Noman Ahmed
     List B Player 9Chris Marlor
     List B Player 10Zaff Alam
     List B Player 11Carl Sutcliffe
Stayley CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Munir Tanzil (Pro)
     List A Player 2James Park-Johnson
     List A Player 3Peter Skuse
     List A Player 4Steven Bird
     List A Player 5Andrew Gleave
     List A Player 6Ronnie Cameron
     List A Player 7Rhys Downend
     List A Player 8Martin Downend
     List A Player 9Nick Woodhead
     List A Player 10Ben Downend
     List A Player 11Joshua Healey (under 18)
     List B Player 1Paul Dale
     List B Player 2Paul Towle
     List B Player 3Robert Rashford
     List B Player 4Bhavin Patel
     List B Player 5Stephen Downend
Stretford CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Francoise Stoman
     List A Player 2Miguel Stoman
     List A Player 3Ryan Williams
     List A Player 4Benji Evans
     List A Player 5Matthew Armstrong (Under 18)
     List B Player 1Tom Coulson
     List B Player 2Paul Fletcher
     List B Player 3Alex Grant
     List B Player 4Hamish Jeffreson
     List B Player 5Jeff Marshall
     List B Player 6Hemang Ramlaul
     List B Player 7Robert Renforth
     List B Player 8Adam Saynor
     List B Player 9Chris Sharp
     List B Player 10Wasim Zafar
     List B Player 11Ocean O'Malley
Swinton Moorside CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Tim Ockhius
     List A Player 2Jonny Herreran
     List A Player 3David Flatley
     List A Player 4Karl Taylor
     List A Player 5Matt Norvall
     List B Player 1Chris Norval
     List B Player 2Brad Palmer
     List B Player 3Ben Johnson
     List B Player 4indy Singh
     List B Player 5James Wade
     List B Player 6Dean Atkinson
     List B Player 7Josh Brownbill
     List B Player 8Tom Hughes
     List B Player 9Simon Halsall
     List B Player 10Chris Wallis
     List B Player 11Aaron Mullins
Thornham CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1P Deakin
     List A Player 2A Micklethwaite
     List A Player 3N Boller
     List A Player 4A Rauf
     List A Player 5T van Heerden
     List B Player 1C Heywood
     List B Player 2T Grey
     List B Player 3A McClure
     List B Player 4P Sutcliffe
     List B Player 5A Clough
     List B Player 6M Micklethwaite
     List B Player 7M Pervaiz
     List B Player 8A Wild
     List B Player 9M Adnan
     List B Player 10L Kennedy
     List B Player 11K Ditta
Tottington St Johns CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Bret Collins
     List A Player 2Ryan Wilkes
     List A Player 3Nick Marsh
     List A Player 4Ben Baker
     List A Player 5Matthew Wilkes
United Stars CC1No List0No  
Unsworth CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1ANOGH DESAI
     List A Player 2ISRAL UL-HAQ
     List A Player 3J.OBRIEN
     List A Player 4A.McQUINNESS
     List A Player 5S.McQUINNESS
     List B Player 1D.JOYNSON
     List B Player 2A.JONES
     List B Player 3A.CLARKSON
     List B Player 4S.HETHRINGTON
     List B Player 5A.EARNSHAW
     List B Player 6S.EARNSHAW
     List B Player 7CHRIS BERRY
     List B Player 8R.CONNOR
     List B Player 9L.BRADY
     List B Player 10T.CASEY
     List B Player 11D.CASEY
Uppermill CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Ayaz Tasawar
     List A Player 2Darren Shadford
     List A Player 3David Roberts
     List A Player 4Peter Roberts
     List A Player 5James Baron
Walkden CC3Lists A&B0Yes  
Walshaw CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Ali Sarfraz (pro)
     List A Player 2Romano Esau (o/s am)
     List A Player 3Shabnan Ali
     List A Player 4Mukhtar Nasir
     List A Player 5Mikey Watt
     List B Player 1Jack McClung
     List B Player 2Liam Greer
     List B Player 3Joshua Rhodes
     List B Player 4Samuel Rhodes
     List B Player 5Ashley Stephenson
     List B Player 6Daniel Holland
     List B Player 7Daniel Nicholls
     List B Player 8Peter Coffey
     List B Player 9Johnny Stackhouse
     List B Player 10Oliver Pilkington
     List B Player 11Al Roughley
Werneth CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Callum Porteous
     List A Player 2Kervon Christmas
     List A Player 3Liam Brown
     List A Player 4Michael Wilson
     List A Player 5Connor Hey
     List B Player 1Hamza wardag
     List B Player 2Abdul sattar
     List B Player 3Andy Walker
     List B Player 4Darren Longden
     List B Player 5Rashid Khan
     List B Player 6Chris Thickett
     List B Player 7Nazmol Torofdar
     List B Player 8Mohammed Ubaid (undrr 18)
     List B Player 9Joe Taylor
     List B Player 10Mohammed Abbas
     List B Player 11Kashif Khan
Westhoughton CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1ROB HOUGHTON
     List A Player 2MATT MORRIS
     List A Player 3JONATHAN CARTER
     List A Player 4CHESNEY HUGHES
     List A Player 5ROB BROWN
     List A Player 6KIERAN EDWARDS
     List A Player 7SEAN DUNNING
     List A Player 8CHARLIE HONOUR
     List A Player 9OLLY DIXON
     List A Player 10BEN HARRISON
     List A Player 11TOM SENIOR
     List B Player 1RICK PARKER
     List B Player 2STEVE COATES
     List B Player 3PAUL ATHERTON
     List B Player 4MIKE KING
     List B Player 5SIMON ASHCROFT
Westleigh CC2List A5NoList A Player 1Jonny Entwistle
     List A Player 2Rob Entwistle
     List A Player 3Tom Kay
     List A Player 4Andy Lloyd
     List A Player 5Jameel Stuart
Whalley Range CC4Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Waqas malik
     List A Player 2Sully malik
     List A Player 3Ejaz Din
     List A Player 4Prenasen Appana (OA)
     List A Player 5Andru Serdyn (OA)
     List B Player 1Zarrar Malik
     List B Player 2Ateeq Ahmad
     List B Player 3Faizan Din
     List B Player 4Junaid Maqsood
     List B Player 5Saagar Chohan
     List B Player 6Mansha Khan
     List B Player 7Jang Abbas
     List B Player 8Khaleeq Ur Rehman
     List B Player 9Paul Davies
     List B Player 10Azfar Zeeshan
     List B Player 11Sean Richards
Winton CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Will Driver
     List A Player 2Mike Seena
     List A Player 3Praharsh Parikh (u18)
     List A Player 4Tim Hale
     List A Player 5Thomas Derbyshire
     List B Player 1Mitchell Johnson
     List B Player 2Darren Carter
     List B Player 3Brett Cox
     List B Player 4Simon Brittain
     List B Player 5Nick Stacey
     List B Player 6Dave Garner
     List B Player 7David Marchment
     List B Player 8Neil Fairhurst
     List B Player 9Daniel Seenan
     List B Player 10Russ Brown
     List B Player 11Damian Grundy
Woodbank CC3Lists A&B16NoList A Player 1Josh Gale
     List A Player 2Tom Lowton
     List A Player 3Lewis McIntosh
     List A Player 4Chris Read
     List A Player 5Anton Snail
     List A Player 6Anthony Harris
     List A Player 7Danny Hornby
     List A Player 8Kieran Grundy
     List A Player 9Harry Singh
     List A Player 10Steven Holt
     List A Player 11Marty Ward
     List B Player 1Tom Murphy
     List B Player 2Anjalie Singh
     List B Player 3Mark Gowers
     List B Player 4Mark Dentith
     List B Player 5Arron Thomas
Woodhouses CC2List A16NoList A Player 1Alex Spender
     List A Player 2Josh Butler
     List A Player 3Nick Hardman
     List A Player 4Vincent Poller
     List A Player 5James Coote
Worsley CC3Lists A&B5YesList A Player 1James Kilner
     List A Player 2Dan Henshaw
     List A Player 3Darren Lees
     List A Player 4Tom Rawding
     List A Player 5Rob Cooksey
     List B Player 10
     List B Player 20
     List B Player 30
     List B Player 40
     List B Player 50
     List B Player 60
     List B Player 70
     List B Player 80
     List B Player 90
     List B Player 100
     List B Player 110
Wythenshawe CC1No List0No