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Starred Players

Starred Players

Starred Players in GMCL, 2021 Season

In order to make our competition fair there are rules in place to stop the best players playing in club's lower standard teams.

The last time this list was generated was 2019, Clubs must supply a new list for the 2021 season.


Each club with more than one team is required to complete a form for their players.

The rules are shown in "Players" under the GMCL Rules menu at Rule 10.3.1.

In summary (but not to replace the rules)

  • Each team with two teams must name a minimum of their best 5 players to include all paid players whether named as professional or not and these players cannot play in the clubs second grade team.
  • In addition, any cubs with three or more teams must name their next best players to make the list up to a total of 16 and all 16 are excluded from playing in their third grade or lower teams.


The list of the best 5 or best 16 players at a club should include Under17 players where they are amongst your best players.

Under 17 players can play in a 3rd XI or lower league games, even if starred. (Junior Exemption) provided they have not played U16 or above county level in the current or previous 2 seasons. 


The form for submitting your listed players or amendments is now a Google Form HERE

This should be a statement of fact, amendments are to be a full revised list.

Only eligible players should be listed, (e.g. a player who cannot play until after June cannot be listed until June) Attempts to get around the system or mislead the Board or opponents will be frowned upon and may incur penalties.

  • The Board will monitor the list and will challenge entries where applicable.
  • Changes can be made with good reasoning at any time but the list must be updated for the final time by 30th June.

The lists below show the lists submitted by clubs but where the club list has not been received, an enforced list will be posted and should be adhered to. Any objections to


After submission, the 2021 lists will be shown here

List A - players ineligible for 2nd XI, 3rd XI, 4th XI

List B - players ineligible for 3rd XI & 4th XI

Amendments - Changes are shown below List A & List B