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15.    Umpires
15.1.    Umpire Appointments
15.1.1.      The process of appointing and managing Umpires lies with the Greater Manchester Cricket League Umpires Association (GMCLUA)
15.1.2.    The process of appointing Umpires for Saturday matches will be as follows:    The GMCLUA will appoint Umpires to the Premier League and Divisions 1A & 1B, 2A & 2B    For matches in Divisions 3E & 3W , 4E & 4W and 5E & 5W each club must appoint an umpire to stand in all matches. This umpire must either be a qualified umpire or undergo the Introduction to Umpiring course that will be organised and paid for by the GMCL Board. They must also be DBS cleared. It is the club’s responsibility to ensure the club umpire has a valid DBS and to arrange a suitable fee for their club umpire for each match.    There is one exception to this rule and that is for clubs that have both a First XI and Second XI in Division Three, Four and Five a GMCLUA umpire will be allocated to one of those games. (subject to a minimum of 60 Umpires being available on the relevant Saturday).
15.1.3.    If a club cannot find a suitable umpire then they can apply to the GMCLUSA for an umpire to be appointed, but this must be on a week to week basis. In order to apply for a GMCL Umpire:    The club must complete an online form that can be found on the GMCL website. Emails and phone calls will not be accepted.    The form must be submitted by 8.00 pm on the Thursday preceding the match.    The GMCLUSA will appoint an umpire, where possible, and notify the club on Thursday night with the name of the umpire.    The club will pay the umpire the usual fee as set by GMCL.

15.2.    Umpire Fees
15.2.1.    League Appointed Umpires - Standard Fees    PREMIER DIVISION £45.00    DIVISIONS 1 & 2 £45.00    DIVISION 3 £40.00    GMCL20 £30.00    SUNDAY LEAGUE £35.00    CUP MATCHES £45.00
15.2.2.    Club Umpires Fees    For Divisions Three, Four and Five it is not the home club’s responsibility to pay both umpires, each club is responsible for the fee for their own umpire. This could potentially save clubs money during the season depending upon the agreement with your umpire.
15.2.3. Only one Umpire    Where only one League Appointed Umpire has attended the fee due is 1.5 times the Standard Fee.    Where only one Club Umpire is present at the start of the match it will be the responsibility of the Club who DO NOT Provide an Umpire to pay the FULL match fee (£40.00) for the sole Umpire,    the club supplying the umpire will only be responsible for any additional fee i.e. 50% additional match fee claimed. 
15.2.4. No Umpires    When No Umpires are present at the start of the match, we would expect both clubs to have spoken to each other post the Thursday evening deadline of seeking League Panel umpires and there being no available Umpires to officiate, to make arrangements between themselves to ensure the game takes place and that Players will have to play their part and Umpire the game to make sure it takes place. Matches should not be called off because of the lack of Umpires.
15.2.5. Match Abandoned - No Play    In the event of a game being abandoned without a ball bowled, the Umpires fees will be    Premier and Divisions 1 & 2 £25.00,    Division 3, 4, 5 & Sunday League £20.00    GMCL20 £15.00.

15.3.    Umpire Support
15.3.1.    Equity of Treatment    Club Umpires are to be afforded the same level of respect as League Appointed umpires at all times
15.3.2.    Umpire Absent    Where one of the Umpires (League Appointed Umpire or Club Umpire) cannot attend for whatever reason,    A suitably responsible person can be appointed where there is agreement between the umpire and captains to stand at the Strikers End (Square Leg) or take a full part in the game where qualified or    Players from both sides will be expected to assist the one Umpire present by standing at the Strikers End (Square Leg). This player must be over 18 or over 16 if holding umpire qualifications.