Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016


Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016

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2018 Stucture

1 Aug 2017

We are pleased to be able to publish our revised structure for 2018, on time, following the 17 applications to join the league at the end of June.

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  • 11 Divisions with a Premier League and 5 pairs of divisions below
  • Promotion and Relegation throughout in 2018
  • Regionalisation only at Tiers 5 and 6

For GMCL Clubs

  • Premier League relegation and Div1 promotions remain in place at end of 2017
  • No other relegation at the end of 2017 for GMCL clubs

For New Clubs

  • New clubs will join the league across all Tiers 2 to 6 based on criteria and success 
  • Best 1st XIs will be only 1 year away from Premier League
  • Actual Placement will follow later


  • Derek K ay and Championship cup to be retained similar to 2017 format 
  • New 1st XI cup to be introduced
  • Former Pennine League Clubs to also compete for their old trophies
1 Aug 2017