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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Privacy Notice, Greater Manchester Cricket League

The Greater Manchester Cricket League Ltd is the governing body for cricket in the competition known as Greater Manchester Cricket League (GMCL) operating under the Lancashire Cricket Foundation and the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Under laws effective from 25th May 2018, we are required to provide you with certain details concerning how your personal data will be used and protected.

This privacy notice explains how your personal data will be used and protected and your legal rights in respect of it.

Name of data controller
Greater Manchester Cricket League Ltd who operate as The Greater Manchester Cricket League (GMCL)

Contact details for GDPR lead for GMCL
Simon Lowndes

GMCL will collect and process your personal data for the purposes of:

  • ADMINISTRATION - General Administration of a Cricket League
  • UMPIRE ADMINISTRATION - Administration of Umpires Association activity
  • CLUB SUPPORT - Administering support to member clubs to deliver games during the season
  • PLAYERS - Player registration and identification.
  • COMMUNICATIONS - Enabling communications necessary for the operation of GMCL
  • COMPLIANCE. Ensuring compliance with ECB regulations and policies including General Conduct Regulations, Disparity Policy and, where relevant, Anti-Corruption Code •
  • PARTICIPANT AND SPECTATOR WELFARE. Dealing with any safety concerns, incidents and complaints •
  • DISCIPLINARY PURPOSES. Administration for disciplinary purposes and regulatory enforcement •
  • RECORD KEEPING. Includes maintaining ECB records for the ECB’s cricket management programmes and maintaining statistics •
  • DIVERSITY MONITORING. Diversity monitoring and compliance (such as in respect of ethnicity, gender, race, age and disability) and providing equal opportunities

Categories of personal data & reason requested
GMCL do not collect any special categories of data, however cricHQ registration does request ethnicity but this is optional and only used to support county and national boards support for equality & diversity projects. This data can also be made available to the league's equity upon submission of a suitable purpose request.  

Full name

For communications
For player or league official registration


Full UK address
For verification of eligibility and submissions to ECB from

  • players new to GMCL at first registration and
  • all Named Professionals and
  • Category 3 players for verification of eligibility

For written communications where necessary

  • for a club financial officer for issue of appropriate invoices or requested deliveries from the league or our partners

The league will not use any addresses supplied for general communications for statistical activity.


Please note that from 2024 we use the ECB's play-cricket system for scoring and statistics and the fields of data collected by the ECB from players and administrators that register with clubs mandates that they supply an address.  We do not need that information but the ECB process shares that with us without our approval and therefore our league administrators can access addresses given to us. Our administrators have been notified that they should not use this information for any purpose. Any Data Protection issues are the responsibility of the ECB.


Date of birth
This will only be requested 

  • At first registration of a player (UK or Overseas) for verification of identity and eligibility
  • To determine qualification for age related exemptions such as league registration fees 
  • To determine eligibility for age related cricket competition.

Email address

GMCL is a paperless organisation and due to scale (80+ teams) we use e-mail communications as our standard and therefore we request e-mail addresses

  • from all persons communicating with the league and wishing to receive communications from the league.
  • For player or league official registration with the league
  • For allocation of the free cricHQ app to registered players and officials for scores and results
  • for management of the league's player injury insurance.


Telephone number
We collect telephone numbers from certain individuals

  • from lead contacts to allow a secondary line of communication (after e-mail which is priority)
  • from team captains and vice-captains to encourage club to club communications before a game to improve the competition

Photograph ID
cricHQ registration requires a players head and shoulders image for the sole purpose of verifying that the player said to be playing in a team is the player registered for that team

There are no gender restrictions in any age restricted or open age GMCL competition and therefore only players are requested to submit gender details, but this is not mandatory, however

  • Gender details will allow the league to make allowance for female players at junior age groups to play against younger males, a procedure followed nationally
  • Gender details will allow the league to support ECB and LCF in the development of the womens and girls game.

Only players are requested to submit ethnicity details, but this is not mandatory, however

  • Ethnicity details will allow the league to support ECB and LCF in the development of support packages for Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity in our game.

Sources of personal data
Individuals upon registration with the league
A players name will be linked to the club upon registration on cricHQ and will be linked to scorecards, seasonal records and historical league records. No other data will be retained in perpetuity.

Registration with the league is acceptance of the record retention for statistical purposes only.

Clubs supplying details of players or officials
GMCL will not seek to collect or harvest personal data regarding players or officials outside cricHQ registration requirements.


Storing Personal Data

GMCL will only store data in

  • the Google Drive holding the form used to collect data
  • league e-mail systems as contacts

Should it be necessary for league officers to access or download data they will complete a request detailing the requirement and purpose which includes storage details.


Personal data entered into ECB play-cricket will be stored by ECB and not collected or harvested by GMCL for any purpose.


GDPR- Legal basis for processing your data

  • Performing the administration that it is necessary to operate a cricket competition, the GMCL.
  • That it is necessary for our legitimate interests which are to regulate the sport of cricket within the GMCL and to ensure that the reputation of cricket is preserved and enhanced, and this does not prejudice or harm your rights and freedom.
  • All data is obtained with consent to use for the above administration requirements

GDPR - Automated processing decisions

  • GMCL do not process or collect any data through any automated process

GDPR - GMCL Disclosure of Data Collected
Disclosure of data
We will only disclose your personal data to:

  • Lancashire Cricket Foundation (LCF) for disciplinary purposes, where specifically requested.
  • Lancashire Cricket Foundation (name and e-mail only) to support membership of Lancashire County Cricket Club.
  • The England and Wales Cricket Board (The ECB) for statistical purposes (numbers only) to support development of the game for women & girls, ethnic minorities and to provide information on participation
  • The England and Wales Cricket Board (The ECB) for disciplinary purposes.

And within the league the following officers will access data supplied to the league in order to conduct league business:

  • GMCL's Club Liaison Officers (relevant divisions only)
  • GMCL's Cricket Executive Director
  • GMCL's IT team
  • GMCL's Junior Director (Junior Coaches and Team Managers only)
  • GMCL Finance Director (Club Financial Officers only)

Data shared with clubs

In order for clubs to communicate with the other teams in each division, the lead contacts email and phone number for all teams in the division will be shared with each other.


GDPR - Data Retention

  • We will normally keep your personal data for 3 years after your last engagement with us.
  • Player records (name) will be kept in perpetuity on scoring systems

GDPR - Consent to use data
GDPR - GMCL use of data
GMCL will use data for the purposes listed only where required and supply of personal data to the league will be deemed to be approval to use the data in the ways described.


Your right to withdraw consent
Where you have given your consent to any processing of personal data you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.

If you do, it will not affect the lawfulness of any processing for which we had consent prior to your withdrawing it.

Your rights in respect of your personal data

  • You have the right of access to your personal data and, in some cases, to require us to restrict, erase or rectify it or to object to our processing it, and the right of data portability.
  • You have the right to obtain the following from us:
    - Confirmation that we are processing your data
    - A copy of your personal data
    - Other supplementary information as described on the GMCL privacy notice.

  • Your request can be submitted verbally or in writing to any Board member but we would hope that as a volunteer run organisation you will help us manage and control the requests received by completing this form.   

  • Due to the way that world wide web is recorded, we may be unable to remove any personal details that an individual has requested the league to publish on the internet. for the purposes of requesting contact.

GDPR - Complaints

  • If you have any concerns or complaints about how we are handling your data, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at gdpr@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk
  • You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.