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Page Last Updated: March 2023

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Recent Topics Under Consideration / Approved / Rejected


Annual Request for Club Details : We have recently collected club contact details for 2023, this will be the securely stored central contact information for all GMCL directors and officers requiring contact information, managed under GDPR processes.


Teas: Teas are mandatory at our top level - clubs providing teas are listed here


Start Time: The start times for the Saturday league have been simplified and brought forward

  • Early Saturday Start: A few suggestions received to move to an 11am start on a Saturday. Many contra suggestions received stating that such a move would limit players who have child care or family and children's activities on a Saturday morning as well as those who have to work Saturday morning, there are also club concerns at losing customers at the ground for the evening. We cannot take this idea forward at this time.

Overs on a Saturday: A suggestion to further reduce the overs in the lower leagues on a Saturday did not have enough support from clubs to change


Bowler's Overs: A suggestion to reduce the overs permitted for each bowler in GMCL competition did not have enough support from clubs to change


Bonus Point allocation: Bonus Points can only be allocated automatically on a set of parameters to give a logical progression to determine if a point is due or not. We recognise that sometimes a game affected by weather can be as "worthy" as an unaffected game for a bonus point but at present establishing the various points at which a bonus may become apropriate is proving too complex to add to the bonus point logic. An example would be that in a game reduced to 25 overs is it fair that a team winning with less than 3 wickets down gets a bonus when in a full match they have to bat a full 50 overs to get that bonus for 3 wickets - what is the 25 over equivalent of the 3 wkt limit? what is 35 over limit? 42 over limit? As you can see from that the number of permutations could be lengthy. We remain active in looking for possible solutions to improve this.


Player Eligibility: 2nd XI Final 3 games - We have a suggestion to reduce the eligibility requirements for the final 3 games. We are satisfied that the current minimum requirement is appropriate - anyone who has played six or more games in the 1st XI must have played in at least three 2nd XI games in the season to be eligible for the last three 2nd XI games. No change.


No Balls: A suggestion to consider free hit in all league games. There has only been one suggestion in favour of this, and would require more support to consider further review especially in the regional divisions where more wides and no balls are generally committed. Not taken forward at this time.


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