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Page Last Updated: MAY 2022

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Recent Topics Under Consideration / Approved / Rejected

Annual Request for Club Details : We will be sending you current details for amendment to save you reentering all details annually.

Teas: Teas are no longer mandatory - clubs providing teas are listed here

Start Time: The start times for the Saturday league have been simplified and brought forward

Overs on a Saturday: A suggestion to reduce the overs in the lower leagues on a Saturday did not have enough support from clubs to change

Bowler's Overs: A suggestion to reduce the overs permitted for each bowler in GMCL competition did not have enough support from clubs to change

Early Saturday Start: A few suggestions received to move to an 11am start on a Saturday. Many contra suggestions received stating that such a move would limit players who have child care or family and children's activities on a Saturday morning as well as those who have to work Saturday morning, there are also club concerns at losing customers at the ground for the evening. We caannot take this idea forward at this time.

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