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Feedback & Suggestions

Thank you for all your contributions so far. 

The Board discusses your contributions at each board meeting.

We have listed below some of  the ideas and suggestions raised, we will over the coming weeks add all of them. Please take time to read these and add your thoughts because we are still accepting suggestions and ideas on all elements of the operation of the league and you can add to the discussion here.


The Board & Volunteers

Suggestion: If the volunteer pool allows could divisional secretaries be put in place giving clubs a direct point of contact relevant to their level of competition (Senior / Junior)? Would take pressure of the League Secretary and give clubs someone they can talk too about day to day issues. Important too perhaps for the new clubs.

Response: This is very much the aspiration and we certainly hope to have sufficient volunteers in place to cover the junior competition in 2018. We recognise that the volunteers will probably have to come from the pool of club workers and we wouldn't want to impact on our clubs by taking their volunteer time.

Action: If anyone wishes to be a junior divisional or junior age group administrator we would love to hear from you at For the senior competitions we would welcome volunteers on


Cup Competitions

We have had a number of suggestions here, thank you

Suggestion 1: In cup matches the cost of umpires will be shared by both teams. Cup draws at home can become very expensive and it seems reasonable to share the cost of umpires. Cup game costs are not clearly described in the current rules and bye laws

Response: This is something we have considered;  the issues are  that some of the bigger clubs have the bar take for a home game to cover the costs and the umpires costs and visitors may resent paying half when they can see the home side  bringing good money in on the day. But we also know that the smaller clubs use the opportunity of an away game to boost their coffers by taking match fees from players with no expenses. 

Action: We need more thoughts on this across wide breadth of the clubs in our competition please take time to add your club's thoughts on this using the link above.

Suggestion 2: Coloured clothing optional for all cup games not just GMCL20 this would give more interest to younger players, gets better coverage for coloured clothing sponsors, looks "modern" to the occasional supporter.

Suggestion 3: 1st eleven cups to be coloured kit, pink / orange ball in 2018 as a pilot, if club resources allow make 2nd and 3rd eleven cups the same from 2019. Make Cup competitions a different entity for players. Encourage clubs to put on a show on a Sunday, BBQ, music etc

Response: Across the breadth of our competition this is difficult to make mandatory because some clubs don't have the funds, resources, people  nor the sponsorship opportunities to make it workable or cost effective and for some it may mean paying for the clothing for just one game a season. If we don't make it mandatory there will be games of coloured clothing v traditional whites which wouldn't look good. We do like both ideas in principle.

Action: We would welcome any solution proposed which could resolve this dilemma across the breadth of the league, maybe it can only be applied to the top 1st XI cup competition for the top 32 ? but would others lower down also like to do it? Is there a cheap option for shirt and coloured pants combo for a large number of clubs bought in bulk, maybe a GMCL branded range? All thoughts / offers on this are welcome.

Suggestion 4: Leg Side Wides for 2nd XI Cup. Scrap it. Reduces over rates and as shown teams incur penalty runs. Penalties should not be applied for lack of ability at this amateur level. Common sense and reduce pressure on umpires at this level.

Response: Leg side wide rules were introduced to improve bowling standards because at the top level of all club cricket competitions in our own league, premier leagues, county competitions and national competitions these rules are applied. GMCL operates the rule at our Division 3 level at the top of the championship and we do not believe it is unreasonable to ask for the same in our cup competition at 2nd team level. 

Action: Without a compelling reason we will not amend this to halt our aim for improved standards however we may be open to changes to pitch markings to make the decision making process clearer for the umpires. Another suggestion has been made in this area and we recommend that this "line" is followed to bring change for leg side wide rules.

Suggestion 5: In cup competitions with a reserve date I would like to suggest the following: If the game is not started on the original date or the first innings is not completed then the game will be rescheduled for the reserve date. If the first innings is completed on the original date but the match is incomplete then the match will continue on the reserve date. If the match cannot be completed on the reserve date the result will be decided by a bowl out or toss of a coin.

Response: The only change to our current rule proposed here is where the game starts but is rained off where the first innings is not completed, that is usually the circumstance where the game starts on time but rain comes later and stops the game. In all other circumstances the start is usually delayed and a decision can more easily be made on starting or postponing until the reserve date. Our dilemma is that we have a huge Sunday League competition to organise and due to the number of cup days , league games, LCB games and National KO games, it is difficult for some clubs to complete calendars if their senior teams qualify for later rounds of any cups. We therefore have to do everything we can to have games completed on the day to avoid impacting Sunday teams.

Action: We do not propose to change this rule at this time.

More to be added soon ........