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Greater Manchester Cricket League

Founded 2016

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Meet the GMCL Board

The GMCL board is made up of 12 directors, one associate director and  two non executive directors.

The directors and their positions are as follows:

Michael Beech - Secretary

Kieran Coe - PR & Commercial

Bill Elkin - Governance

David Fare - Discipline

Thomas George - Integration

Mike Hall - Club Liaison

Will Halton - Player Liaison

Martin Kay - Chairman

Simon Lowdnes - Legal & Regulation

Alan Naylor - Umpires

Nigel Stock- Juniors

Mike Ward - Treasurer

Meg Fairclough - Womens and Girls

Richard Hepworth - Non Executive Director Legal

Mark Smith - Non Executive Director Communications & Commercial

2nd Jun 2020

Ramblings of a cricket administrator I sincerely hope that this note finds you and your...

18th May 2020

Meet the Directors David is our Director in charge of all matters disciplinary in the league....

19th May 2020

Richard has been assisting in a cleaning up of our rules, he is an experienced corporate lawyer...

18th May 2020

Meet the Directors Michael is the League's secretary and is in charge of day to day...

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Mike Hall