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Board Minutes 16 April 2020

18 Apr 2020

GMCL Board Meeting – Held on ZOOM, remotely April 16th, 2020 

Present: Martin Kay, Mike Hall, Bill Elkin, Simon Lowndes, Michael Beech, Thomas George, Alan Naylor, Richard Hepworth, Mike Ward, David Fare, Mark Smith, Nigel Stock, Will Halton, Kieran Coe.


Chairman – Martin Kay

Welcomed all.

Reflected on the sad passing of Dave Leach from Greenmount CC in recent days.

Further, the passing of Eddie Bayliss (former chairman of The Saddleworth League) as well as Ronnie Franklin, an ex-professional for many years at Saddleworth League clubs.

Noted the passing of John Harwick, a member most recently at Tintwistle CC, but with ties to Tameside clubs, including Denton West.

Martin also mentioned the pictures on Social Media of the grounds as well as other engagement from clubs.


1) Minutes of the last meeting (March 2020)



2) Communication with clubs 

No extraordinary contact from clubs. Continuing to tick over social media and emails.

ECB & LCF have recently published content, which leads into grant aid.


3) Supporting clubs for Grant Applications 

General hope that most clubs would have been proactive in contacting their local bodies (councils etc) for relief as well as Sport England.

Hardship grants available for ECB. Number of limited Sport England pots, rate relief from Council.

Communication to be sent to clubs, pushing the recent LCF correspondence on grants, monies, and relief methods.


4) Premier League Status

MH building a “Premier League Status” tracker document, to monitor the progress of the PL Status application. This will monitor steps, actions, due dates, and directors responsible.

Will be sent out to directors soon.

Clubs must have: Clubmark, Juniors (11’s, 13’s & 15’s).


5) Restarting Cricket Plans

Discussed “planning for late start” document SL had created. Felt that an early June start was now unlikely. 

During May, plan to go to clubs with questions and “what ifs” suggesting if fixtures started on Date X, (in July) what teams they would wish to enter.

Idea for cups to be swapped for “T20 Days” where clubs host multiple games.

Items to consider will be restrictions on crowd numbers as well as bar openings and any social interactions. Thought surrounding the “club” element of operations to be considers, as well of the playing of cricket.


6) Compliance Lead Report – Bill Elkin

£200 balance on account. No bills are outstanding.

All the following have been paid for: Umpires, insurances.

1/3 of balls have been paid for at this time. Some clubs have paid for balls in full, some have paid for half.

MK and MS to begin building grant application based on lost income and costs.


7) Cricket Lead Report – Mike Hall

Stretford received grant to relay the square, Groundsmans meetings were well recived.


8) CricHQ Update – Simon Lowndes

Nothing to report. 


9) Marketing & PR – Kieran Coe

Letter to be sent to sponsors, informing them of current situation etc.


10) Legal & Regulation – Richard Hepworth

Nothing to report. 


11) Discipline – David Fare

Nothing back from ECB and other leagues if bans are to be carried over to 2021.


12) Umpires – Alan Naylor

Majority of umpires have now been contacted by phone, with the under 50’s remaining.

Kit has arrived, now at ICON.


13) Integration – Thomas George

Few clubs had asked for advice on financial support. 


14) Junior Cricket – Nigel Stock

Nothing to report.


15) Club & Player Liaison – Will Halton.

Nothing to report.


16) Any other business



Next meeting via Zoom – 19:30, 7th May.

18 Apr 2020