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Board Minutes 7th May 2020

4 Jul 2022

GMCL Board Meeting

Held on ZOOM remotely

May 7th, 2020 

Present: Martin Kay, Mike Hall, Simon Lowndes, Michael Beech, Thomas George, Alan Naylor, Richard Hepworth, Mike Ward, David Fare, Mark Smith, Nigel Stock, Will Halton, Kieran Coe.

1.    Chairman’s comments – Martin Kay

Welcomed and covered the recent meetings with Clubs held by Zoom, which were really useful to the extent that they gave asthe feeling of the clubs and their thoughts. Mike Hall will further report on this  later.


2.    Cricket Lead Report – Mike Hall

Premier League

Reviewed the current situation, showing updates through the tracker. Some stages now complete, with work in progress onothers.

Discussion surrounding Board Structure, including Member Election, re-election etc, sub-committees. Suggestion toamend the articles of association to limit directors to agreed terms, with a maximum service period..

Discussion surrounding PlayCricket and the Premier League requirements.

ECB in receipt of new Grounds & Facilities of documents. They will ask for 3 grounds to visit. One will be a Premier Club,a Middling club, and a lower end club. They will be looking for evidence of the Ground & Facilities programme in actionand working.

Junior Cricket – Discussion on potential Premier Clubs needing to have an action plan in place to have U11, U13 & U15 juniorteams in place.

LCF will review the tracker once application is nearing completion.

It was agreed that Mike can proceed with the application, once the outstanding actions are completed.


Update on Recent Club Meetings on Zoom

Note sent round to board by Mike on the recent meetings, to be read/reviewed at May 11th meeting.


3.    Compliance Lead Report – Bill Elkin Deferred to meeting of May 11th


4.    Restarting Cricket Plans Deferred to meeting of May 11th to consider the governments further advice which may be given on 10th May


5.    CricHQ Update – Simon Lowndes

Awaiting further communication from Barnaby Kent and Grant Elliot.


6.    Marketing & PR – Kieran Coe

Kieran to review the wording of the ECB Premier League Application before sending.


7.    Legal & Regulation – Richard Hepworth Deferred to meeting of May 11th


8.    Discipline – David Fare Deferred to meeting of May 11th


9.    Umpires – Alan Naylor Deferred to meeting of May 11th


10. Integration – Thomas George Deferred to meeting of May 11th


11. Junior Cricket – Nigel Stock Deferred to meeting of May 11th


12. Club & Player Liaison – Will Halton.

Meeting Jen Barden & Meg Fairclough to further discuss Womens and Girls Cricket in GMCL next week.


13. Any other business

  1. Clubmark now “closed” for in it’s current format.

  2. Junior player Olivia Thomas at Heywood Cricket Club has received the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust Scholarship



Next meeting via Zoom – 19:30,11th May.

4 Jul 2022