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Board Minutes June 21st 2020

4 Jul 2022

GMCL Board Meeting held on Zoom, remotely

June 21st, 2020


Minutes of meeting held 10am Sunday 21st June 2020

Reason for meeting: to discuss possibility of ‘adaptive cricket’ commencement and communication to clubs.

Present: MK / BE / SL / KC / TG / MH / MS / WH / MW / RH / NS / AN / DF

Apologies: MB

Mike Hall thanked everyone for participating and outlined the series of recent events that have occurred to result in the situation we are at today:

Monday: Minister for Sport (Nigel Huddleston) made noises re possibility of certain sports being played. ECB reacted by announcing they are working on an ‘Adaptive Cricket’ scenarios document.

Wednesday: This document ‘kiboshed’ as government had ‘spikes’ and other bigger priorities.

Lobbying via social media and ECB will result in an announcement this coming Tuesday 23/06 regarding possible relaxation of 2m to 1m, etc.

The message coming from the ECB to leagues is START TO PLAN / PLAN TO START

Mike then discussed what this meant – Grounds / Net practice / premises / bars / adaptive cricket.

Whilst we (GMCL) need to refer to premises regulations – this was a council / police advisory requirement – so we should focus upon game rules and regs.

Agreement that Mike works up a club questionnaire / statement / communication to ascertain GMCL clubs’ level of commitment to participating in whatever form ‘Adaptive Cricket’ takes – to include numbers of teams (Sat / Sun) Juniors and seniors / etc.

From this information we can then propose rules / start date / fixtures / etc. And work up guidance accordingly.

NB – Registration of players to new system will still go ahead – but at £0 – CricHQ to confirm as to when this system will be ready.

Next meeting – Thursday 25th June 8pm via zoom

4 Jul 2022