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Board Minutes June 21st 2020

Board Minutes June 21st 2020


GMCL Board Meeting held on Zoom, remotely

June 21st, 2020


Minutes of meeting held 10am Sunday 21st June 2020

Reason for meeting: to discuss possibility of ‘adaptive cricket’ commencement and communication to clubs.

Present: MK / BE / SL / KC / TG / MH / MS / WH / MW / RH / NS / AN / DF

Apologies: MB

Mike Hall thanked everyone for participating and outlined the series of recent events that have occurred to result in the situation we are at today:

Monday: Minister for Sport (Nigel Huddleston) made noises re possibility of certain sports being played. ECB reacted by announcing they are working on an ‘Adaptive Cricket’ scenarios document.

Wednesday: This document ‘kiboshed’ as government had ‘spikes’ and other bigger priorities.

Lobbying via social media and ECB will result in an announcement this coming Tuesday 23/06 regarding possible relaxation of 2m to 1m, etc.

The message coming from the ECB to leagues is START TO PLAN / PLAN TO START

Mike then discussed what this meant – Grounds / Net practice / premises / bars / adaptive cricket.

Whilst we (GMCL) need to refer to premises regulations – this was a council / police advisory requirement – so we should focus upon game rules and regs.

Agreement that Mike works up a club questionnaire / statement / communication to ascertain GMCL clubs’ level of commitment to participating in whatever form ‘Adaptive Cricket’ takes – to include numbers of teams (Sat / Sun) Juniors and seniors / etc.

From this information we can then propose rules / start date / fixtures / etc. And work up guidance accordingly.

NB – Registration of players to new system will still go ahead – but at £0 – CricHQ to confirm as to when this system will be ready.

Next meeting – Thursday 25th June 8pm via zoom