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Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement

4 Jul 2022

Statement from GMCL

We are fielding many queries from Clubs about the GMCL’s position in respect of the Coronavirus situation. We are monitoring all channels available to us including the Government and the ECB and we recognise that this is a fluid and changing situation.

Guidance is due shortly from the ECB and we will be in communications with other Leagues to understand any impact this guidance may have.

Our intention is that we will play a full season but we may not be able to start the season, we may have to halt the season if we do start, we do not know. However what is clear is that we must and will support any process that is put in place to protect those most at risk in our society and there will be many at risk involved with the operation of a fixture calendar and running your clubs.

What we will do now is continue to prepare for the season on the basis that we are able to go ahead, the following will continue

  • registration of transfers and new players and professionals on the Google Form

  • umpires meetings, players meetings and board meetings

  • preparation of the IT systems and delivery of website and e-mail news.

However, with so much uncertainty around we are delaying our cricHQ registration process for another week until we know more.

We don’t have medical answers but if you would like to ask a question please mail us at GtrMcrCricket@mail.com and we will do our best to respond quickly.  We will continue to share regular updates when we have more information for you.

Martin Kay - Chairman

4 Jul 2022