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COVID update April 10 2021

10 Apr 2021

The ECB Have revised their previous guidance for events after April 12 and the new information should be viewed as below

The key points for clubs is that SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED, this is in accordance with UK Legisation at SI 364 Sch 2 Para 6 however Patrons / Members are allowed to view Cricket Activity whilst taking part in Outdoor Hospitality whilst all guidance is being followed, also a parent / guardian is also allowed to attend for safeguarding purposes.

We recommend that you consider all these documents and apply them to your situation.

ECB Covid-19 page

This is the newsletter they issued this morning


This is the revised full guidance

Full Guidance

This is the revised FAQ



Trying to answer the questions that have arisen

The law hasnt changed (SI 364 Sch 2 Para 6); The law is that spectators are not allowed for Sporting Events until May 17 under Step 3.

All sports have separate exemptions, the ECB have been negotiating those for cricket with DCMS (Department for Culture, Media & Sports) and previously advised us, and all leagues, on 26 March and again on 8 April that spectators and hospitality were allowed. Following publication of this information GMCL, and many of our clubs, received communications from the police and council licencisng authorities stating that our position was wrong. We immediately referred this to ECB for comment with the result being this morning's message that spectators are not allowed.  However, whilst police and local authority guidance was saying that outdoor hospitality was not allowed within sight of the match because those people would then become spectators, the ECB have obviously negotiated exemption with DCMS to allow this but those persons must be patrons / members. 

We, GMCL, have no knowledge of the negotiations that have gone on or sight of any rulings.


Different sports have negotiated different exemptions, football appears to have an exemption for the use of changing rooms.


Why do you have to be a patron / member when you dont have to be a member for a pub?

The difference is the element that makes you a spectator at an outdoor sport event which the law does not allow so concession seems to have been given to organised cricket clubs.

Many clubs have already imposed a members only rule anyway to limit the numbers they can serve outside.

It will also be an element of many criket club alcohol & bar licences that bar users have to be members, hence why many clubs have the rules on visitor membership.


What about visitors from the away club?

Your club rules will say whether visiting members from the away team are considered members at your club for the day of the game. Many clubs have such a rule.

Obviously clubs will still have to record attendance and there may be limits on the number of persons the club can host outside at tables and in groups meeting the rules on social distancing - 2 households up to 6.


We have a huge area, why are we restricted?

You are restricted only by the hospitality regulations and the numbers you are allowed under your risk assessment for hospitality.

The spectator rule is for all, it would be impossible to manage numbers based on area available, it is hard enough as it is.


So am I right in thinking that if I want to go to local club to watch cricket I can’t BUT if I want to go to local club for a drink and cricket happens to be on I can sit and watch it with a drink? Have I got that right?

As long as you are a member of that club and the club is able to accommodate you within their numbers under their risk assessment and there is room for you to sit at a table either alone or with a group that would still meet social distancing regulations with you joining them then yes you are allowed to have a drink and watch the match. 

We also understand that you can attend a match without having a drink if you are there for safeguarding purposes for a child or adult requiring care.


We assume that outdoor hospitality can still be held for anyone where that seating is not within sight of the match although most clubs seating areas are obviously facing the pitch.




10 Apr 2021