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cricHQ updates

1 May 2018

Automated Bonus Points

After the change of ownership at cricHQ the techy guys had to work very quickly to get the automated bonus points working for us for this season as well as other leagues which have slightly different bonus rules. We had tested the system before the start of the season and it worked with all results inputted, unfortunately at the end of the first weekend we found it didn’t work when the score came from the app! The guys resolved this and sorted the problem for Week 2.

We then found in week 2 there was another glitch with abandoned games, which we didn’t have in Week 1. This is now being rectified but somehow a bonus point has been added for the away teams in an Abandoned game, we are working at getting this amended and then we should be good for week 3.

Thanks for your patience.

Scoring App not showing the match

If the game is not visible to you (scoring / active / + / from cricHQ fixture) then it means you are not registered as a club admin – one of your club admins needs to add you (it takes a minute) or a club official needs to mail GtrMcrCricket@mail.com with admins name and e-mail address used to score for you to be added, you will have to accept the invite to register.

Getting the result right

Scorers have a huge role to play, some key actions are described here.

If the game starts late make sure you set the game up with the players listed and start the game on the app on time and the add a weather delay immediately so as soon as they are ready to start the game you just add in the overs lost and away you go. Otherwise you are scrambling about getting the game set up for a late start and may miss reducing the overs. If the game doesnt start you just go to End Match and the result is submitted.

Showing reduced overs during a break in play in the middle of an innings is as important but there is little chance of missing this as you have to add match delay.

Remember the Overs Remaining on the scroll bar is your friend, if this is correct you know you have added the reductions in correctly.

At the end of each innings choose the correct description, End of Overs, All Out, End of Match etc. All Out should always be chosen where the batting team only had 10 men and lose 9 wickets.

Your Squad

A number of teams are stull showing unofficial players in their scorecards – which means they have been added to the squad probably in a rush before the game starts. You can, as an approved scorer and as an administrator ensure that all the players you need to add to your team are already in the squad. in advance of the game. Go to crichq.com on the web and login using your e-mail and password you set up and you will see your club and teams – select the team and add players from the squad. If players are not registered by the club you may need to check with club officials first.


If you finish a game without making required corrections, (there are lots of ways to amend the scorecard as you go through the game) you will need to e-mail GtrMcrCricket@mail.com stating Division / Match / Date and listing the corrections needed

Viewing App

We have sent messages via your club with a discount code for the viewing app for players and supporters to see full scorecards and video during the day, if you already have the app you will need to follow the procedure here

If you currently have a CricHQ account:

From a laptop login to CricHQ and click on your profile at the top right. Click on settings and then subscriptions. In subscriptions. From there choose to upgrade your subscription and there will be the opportunity to put in a Voucher code.

If you already have a subscription:

Cancel it and then wait for it to become inactive at which point you can follow the process above to use your voucher

Remember this is a 100% discount code and you will have to enter a payment method in order to pay £0.00.

Statistics on www.GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

Stats are now back up on our website, we await the addition of MVP and the headers for the tables.

Scores on www.GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

There was an issue with the display of scores on the website which were overwriting the team name, but this has now been rectified

Tables on www.GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

The tables are now fully visible with no scroll bars.

Any Questions

If you have questions about a game that has been scored please mail GtrMcrCricket@mail.com with Division, Game and date and then details of the issue.

If you are rearranging a fixture go to the league info and documents page on the website and select Cancellation / Change of Date instructions.

If you have any questions for the next update please e-mail GtrMcrCricket@mail.com



1 May 2018