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Current Board Activity

19 May 2018


This news item is to tell you about some of the items taking up space in the GMCL mailbox at the moment.


League Info & Documents

See our new info page here: https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/league-information-and-documents


Cup Eligibility

With so many teams in our competition we have to separate our cups to play on different days so that we can give league umpires to everyone competing and in order to do this we have to have rules around eligibility.

We have standard 50% of league games qualification but because some rounds are played very early in the season we have the appropriateness rule for players playing the first round of the 2nd XI cup. For later rounds we have an additional rule because If the games were played on the same day then players could only play for one of the teams and we simply replicate that with the rule that players cannot play in the same round for both 1st & 2nd XI (for example the 2nd XI cup this weekend cannot feature players who played in the 1st XI cup on 6th May – the other 1st XI cups are being played tomorrow on the same day)

We are sorry that a few clubs fell foul of the rules in order to get full teams, but we have set out our position to everyone involved.



The Bonus points are now being automatically allocated successfully which has helped reduce our mailbox.

Scorers are mandatory, if you are not supplying a scorer you must check with the opposition before arriving at the ground otherwise neither side may have one and then there is no game.

A team not supplying a scorer must pay the scorer present their full normal fee.

Scorers must be registered on cricHQ as an admin so that they can score an official game. Your own club admin can set them up or you can e-mail GtrMcrCricket@mail.com up to the day before the game with the scorers name and the e-mail address they will use for the scoring app.

Scorers must ensure they have sufficient battery and battery back up in case the home club does not have power in the scorebox, many of our clubs do not have electricity in the scorebox.

Visiting scorers must ensure they have their own 3G/4G data. Not all clubs have wi-fi or hot spots available. Live scoring (online) is mandatory for league and cup games therefore at least one scorer must always be connected via wi-fi or phone data and the other must be prepared to go live should the first have issues.

When activating a new match to score the scorer must choose “from a cricHQ fixture”-  matches will only appear in this list if the scorer is a registered admin and uses the same e-mail address for the app. If not selected “from cricHQ fixture” then the scorecard will be classed as unofficial and will not update crcHQ results or tables.

If you have scored on an unofficial card you must e-mail the league on GtrMcrCricket@mail.com immediately after the game stating Division, Home Team & Away team for this to be corrected by cricHQ staff.

After a match has been ended and uploaded the scorer cannot make any amendments to the Scorecard – to request an amendment please use the new form on the League Info & Documents page https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/league-information-and-documents



If you find a players stats are missing some games then please check the fixture cards on cricHQ.com. If the scorecard shows the players name in bold type then the stats are included, if they are not in bold type then they need to be corrected. (This happens because the scorer chooses an unofficial player). Use the form as described above.


Ground Issues

It has been brought to our attention that boundary markers and fielding circles have not been placed prior to the start of the match in a few games. This must not happen.



It is a league rule that the only caps that can be worn on the field of play are club caps, league representative caps or county representative caps. No other sports team or makers caps may be worn.


Captain’s Reports

We have had a huge increase in the number of reports received this year, thank you, this allows us to pick up live issues and allows our Umpires Association to focus the umpire training to enable them to continue to drive up standards.

In turn, with all the detailed Umpires reports we receive the Board can now start to get the full picture of our clubs to look at an improved system of grading of grounds and facilities as we look to increase the minimum standards at each tier across the league.


Starred Players

Thanks for all the returns, we still have a few missing, despite the deadline, can those clubs now please submit their lists.


Contact List

We hope to finalise the new contact list this weekend for those willing to share their details under the GDPR regulations. If you still haven’t added your details please see the news item here https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/blog/register-to-receive-communications-from-gmcl


Have a good weekend.

19 May 2018