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Discipline in GMCL

16 Jun 2018

Dear Club Officials, Players and Spectators,
The League introduced the new Law 42 this season which places greater responsibility on players, captains and officials to uphold the spirit of the game and, all in all this has been well received, but we have had a number of incidents involving player discipline.
A lot of cricket is played under the GMCL banner each week, but it is disturbing that the league have applied over 70 weeks of bans in the season so far which is totally unacceptable. These reports are taking a disproportionate amount of time to administer, we should be concentrating on developing the league further and not dealing with matters such as discipline, which is avoidable. In some games the level of general noise, appealing, sledging is ridiculous and this needs to be toned down.

Be assured the league will continue to apply Law 42 and all of its consequences, so we ask that club officials, captains and players respect each other and the game. 
The league takes a dim view of this aspect of the game and we will act, especially against those clubs who are repeat offenders, by not only applying points deductions, but also by questioning their continued membership of the GMCL.

GMCL Board

15 June 2018

16 Jun 2018