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Final Promotion & Relegation Statement 2021 Season

1 Jul 2021

Our rules allow for applications to join our league at any time but there are 3 relevant dates involved 

  1. 31st March -  our first relevant date - 12 months before the start of the season the club wishes to join and where the club wishes their teams to be placed based on past performance/success
  2. 30th June  - our second relevant date - 9 months before the start of the season, clubs wishing to join the league must have given notice to their old league that they are resigning and taking a place in GMCL
  3. 31st October - our 3rd relevant date - 5 months before the start of the season, clubs wishing to join the league - teams can only be placed where there are appropriate vacancies or in the lowest Tier.

Today we are issuing the final position for the 2021 season at the second relevant date.

We have received an application from Darcy Lever CC to become a full member club and following confirmation from the Bolton League that their resignation has been accepted we are delighted to formally annouce and welcome Darcy Lever Cricket Club into the Greater Manchester Cricket League as full members for 2022 season.

It is very timely for us in that a last minute change to our Tier 5 position before the 2021 season left us a team short at that level and we can now confirm that Darcy Lever 1st XI wil start in that slot at Tier 5 (Divison 2 level). This means that there will be no change to the promotion and relegation numbers announced pre-season, which is recreated below with the addition of Darcy Lever's 1st and 2nd XIs. The final numbers in the 3 Tier 7 divisions may vary slightly as these divisions are populated by geography.

This means we will now be able to clear our division of 14 and be working with our prime option of divisions of 12 for our top 6 tiers for the 2022 season with no disruption to our plans to acheive this.

What if other clubs want to join for 2022?

Any club wishing to join for 2022 must apply before 31st October and have clearance to leave their old league but they can only be placed at Tier 7.

What if clubs want to join or add teams for 2023?

Clubs can apply to join the league for the 2023 season but should do so before the first relevant date for that season which is 31 March 2022 if they wish to be placed based on past performance / success. This is so that GMCL can plan the promotion and relegation for the season ahead before a ball is bowled.

What happens if teams withdraw for 2022?

We will deal with that if it arises but where teams withdraw from Tier 6 or above it will mean the chance of reduced relegation / more promotion (in that order).

Any questions to webadmin@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk or club-director@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk please


1 Jul 2021