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GMCL - an accredited ECB Premier League

GMCL - an accredited ECB Premier League

4 Mar 2023

ECB Premier League

"The Greater Manchester Cricket League are delighted to be accepted as an ECB Accredited Premier League, which has been the aim of the League since its inception. We are about to commence our eighth season, and in that time, we have come a long way, but we see this accreditation as the next step for the League in helping clubs to realise their full potential.

For those clubs playing at the top end of the GMCL structure, they will be expected to meet the standards of a Premier League Club and for those aspiring to achieve this level they will know clearly what is expected. This accreditation provides a structure for them to achieve their potential within this national framework.

We would like to place on record our thanks to all involved at the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Lancashire Cricket Foundation for their continued support and guidance.”

The ECB Accredited Premier Leagues are a group of high quality cricket leagues across England and Wales, organised locally by volunteers on behalf of member clubs, in this case, supported by the Lancashire Cricket Foundation and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). The Accredited Premier Leagues form the top tier of club cricket in England and Wales bridging the gap between recreational cricket and the First-Class game - as well as aiming to provide great experiences for junior players, parents and spectators.

The path to accreditation is a thorough process, that looks deeply into the organisation of the Leagues and their Clubs, with particular attention paid to a number of areas including governance, safeguarding, equity diversity and inclusion, and the commitment to junior cricket and if appropriate women and girls’.

4 Mar 2023