Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016




GMCL Junior Cup Competitions

GMCL Junior Cup Competitions


GMCL Junior Cup Competitions


The entry form is here,


Age Groups Under 11, 13, 15, 17.

Deadline for entry – 21st July.

1st round – Week commencing 28th July.


The Junior cups are optional, please only enter if you have enough players during the summer holidays to fulfil the fixtures. The intention this year is to run a plate competition for those who lose in the first round (but all formats will be dependent on the number of entrants).


The Cup will commence on the 28th of July with each round having a suggested play date (scheduled on Criq HQ on the usual age group day) and a play by date (to ensure each round has a result). The cups will have some standard regulations, but as in previous years, these are flexible and if the coaches agree you could tweak to suit, for example play a 30/30 game.


Each of the age groups will have a finals day, with semi-finals and finals played on one day. These will be the standard regulations and 20/20 format.