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15 Mar 2018

Regarding the announcement from Bamford Fieldhouse CC on the 6th March, when it was officially confirmed to representatives of the GMCL that, despite efforts by Bamford Fieldhouse and the league over the preceding months Bamford Fieldhouse CC would not be in a position to field a team in the premier division for 2018. Bamford Fieldhouse CC have confirmed their commitment to the GMCL and will be competing at 2nd, 3rd and at Junior team level in the season 2018. The league will continue to support the club in its efforts to reinstate 1st xi cricket. 


We have, as a unified Board, considered ALL possible solutions to this unprecedented situation and would like to communicate the fact that we strive at all times to be transparent, honest, fair and consistent in all our administration of the GMCL.

The disruption that this has caused to our plans for the 2018 season cannot be overstated and it is our priority to minimise this disruption for our member clubs.

However, taking EVERYTHING into account, we have made the following decisions:

1.     Our overriding priority was agreed as being maintaining the 12 team Premiership as our flagship Division.

This initial decision was not taken lightly as the ramifications effected all teams in all divisions.

2.     The second decision was to reinstate Egerton CC into the Premiership.

This was agreed as they were the 9th placed side in the Premiership in 2017.

3.     The third decision was therefore to consider the line of least disruption and it was agreed to stop at Division 1. 

This was agreed to minimise the knock on effect to all teams’ fixtures as it was not deemed fair, 5 weeks before the start of the season, to ask all clubs to change calendar dates (already booked) for events, fixtures, sponsorships, etc. 

Unfortunately, this then means that Division 1B will have only 11 teams as opposed to 12 in 1A.

Promotion and relegation will not be affected at the end of the 2018 season.

We hope you can appreciate that this has been a difficult situation and that the solutions take into account the best interests of the majority of clubs, whilst maintaining competitive cricket in this our 3rd season.

Any questions should be forwarded in writing to:

Please help us to make this season the best yet. 



15 Mar 2018