Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016


Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016

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First of all, from everyone involved in delivering the ExtraCover Insurance scheme, we would like to wish all the Cricketing family well during these unprecedented times, there will not be many of us who have experienced anything like this before!
Cricket Clubs insured with the The ExtraCover Insurance scheme benefit from a no “un-occupancy condition”, which means that you don't need to worry about the insurer removing cover if your premises are not visited/occupied for a lengthy period of time.

The majority of our competitors policies will have an “un-occupancy warranty” in place so if you have property insured elsewhere our advice would be to check with the insurer as to what the stance is during the “Lock Down”.
Our general advice would recommend that you continue to visit the premises on a regular basis to check that there has been no damage caused & keep a log of the visits.
Remove all valuable items & put a number of signs up in strategic places advising that all electronic items, stock & cash have been removed from the premises.
Now is a good time to consider our exclusive SmartWater offer, it is an added layer of security that may deter would-be thieves from breaking into your premises.

Many Police forces are using SmartWater so if in any doubt speak to your local Crime Prevention Officer, you can find details on how to order below, and clubs insured with ExtraCover insurance will receive a substantial discount.

Please also note you can download a “Thoughts on Security” article written by Stephen Baldwin in 2018, although aimed at the closed season there are many points within the article that are relevant during the suspension of cricket & these times of “social distancing”, click HERE to download.
On the subject of security arrangements for your ground machinery in particular, check that it complies with our minimum security specification, it is the only condition applying to theExtraCover Insurance wording, refer to pages 12 & 13 of our brochure which you can download HERE.
As always, if  you have any questions or queries you can contact us in the normal ways, call 0800 289301 or 0113 250 6614 or send us an email to



For cricket clubs who are insured with ExtraCover insurance please keep an eye out for an email that you will receive in the next few days offering our Health & Safety online facility.

Health and Safety Click is a specialist online risk management service provider for SME businesses which has been adapted for use by our ExtraCover Insurance clubs.
Whilst access to this service is usually charged at £50 + VAT, we would now like to provide this free of charge to help you deal with these difficult times.

We have asked Health & Safety Click to set up your account, and you will shortly receive a welcome email from them with your log in details.

We will continue to provide free access to all aspects of this service until the next renewal of your ExtraCover policy which is 01 March 2021.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us in the normal ways, call 0800 289301 or 0113 250 6614 or send us an email to



If you want to order SmartWater for your cricket club, simply click HERE and begin to type your cricket club name in where requested, if it recognises your club name the good news is that you're covered with us and can take advantage of our exclusive offer for our customers only.

For all other clubs, if you've started to enter your club name and it isn't recognised, you'll need to order by clicking HERE.


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