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Junior behaviour and discipline

4 Jul 2022

We have recently received a number of reports and complaints about behaviour at Junior matches, these complaints relate to the behaviour of parents, players and club members and are specifically related to rowdy behaviour and abuse on the field and from the boundary.

As a league we will not tolerate this type of behaviour and would expect all clubs to remind all members, players and parents to uphold the spirit of cricket and behave appropriately.

The Laws and the Spirit of Cricket are there to ensure that all 22 players and umpires enjoy a game that, although played competitively, is always played fairly.

Whatever your role in the game, we all have a responsibility to ensure that the Laws are upheld and that we don’t tolerate any form of poor player or spectator behaviour.

Remember that poor behaviour detracts from the enjoyment of playing the game and causes additional work for volunteers by taking them away from supporting other areas of the game.

If we find clubs transgressing the laws, the rules of the league and or the spirit of the game we will not hesitate to sanction the clubs and those people involved.

Martin Kay

Chairman of the GMCL

4 Jul 2022