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GMCL 2020 Junior AGM

GMCL 2020 Junior AGM


The Draft Junior Structure for 2020 is published below along with the presentation from the Junior AGM. The structure may vary before the fixtures are published which will be no later than the end of March.

In addition at the Junior AGM a number of rule changes were announced:

GMCL Junior Rules 2020

There has been a comprehensive revision of the rules, which for the most part was simply to lay them out in more logical manner, with fewer sub-headings whilst eliminating repetition and some conflicting provisions.  

In addition to this, there have been some important changes that are identified in this document.  Reference should be made to the rules themselves for a detailed understanding of the new provisions.  

New Rules

  1. All junior players must be registered to their club within CricHQ before the commencement of a game in which they play. Player name and profile must be complete.  Juniors playing senior GMCL cricket must include a photograph.

  1. Players may only play junior cricket for 1 club, except in cases where a combined team has been formed between two or more GMCL clubs. 

  1. Loan players must be agreed prior to the game, and if not agreed the game shall be forfeit and played as a friendly.

  1. At the start and end of the season (up to 21 May and after 1 August) the 1st innings must finish by 7.20.  This ensures games can finish in good light.

  1. League games lost to weather shall not usually be re-arranged, though with the agreement of both coaches and the league this can be possible.  

  1. Home team is responsible for ensuring that results are uploaded. 

  1. Clubs live streaming matches must ensure they have permission from the opposition club, prior to the stream commencing.  

  1. The GMCL guidance related to the “new” ECB pitch lengths is now written into the rules.  Fast bowlers playing representative cricket (or bowlers of equivalence) should bowl from the traditional lengths (u11 – 19 yard and u13 – 21 yard).  Clubs with such players should give consideration to how adjustments are made to accommodate this (bowling from one end, spring-back wickets and dual crease markings).  Common-sense should be exercised.  

  1. U11s – no longer a rule preventing a change of wicket-keepers.  This should be done only during a change of pairs and should not hold up the game.  

  1. All double bounce deliveries shall be no balls at all age groups, but again common-sense should be used (at u9s in particular).

  1. U13s, 15s and 17s – teams of 12 permitted, with one player not batting.  No restrictions on bowling.  

If you have queries please contact Nigel Stock Junior Director