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News Update 10 Jul 2020

11 Jul 2020

News and Updates July 10 2020

Good evening all,

We are sending this to everyone (on the mail system) this evening because we wanted to let you know about the issue with the website tonight which has been caused by a failure of a global server.  There are many live businesses greatly affected by this who are unable to see orders and bookings at what is already a tough time so our loss is minor compared to theirs, we hope it is back up and running soon.

No doubt you are now working hard at your club to put things in place so we can start cricket on Saturday 25th July. The amount of advice we have all received from the ECB has been unprecedented and when you read the ECB guidance “Getting your Clubhouse Ready for Step 4” and the “Adaptive Play” information we know you will be very busy preparing for visitors and the new normal.

We also know that the league is also issuing lots of communications in such a short time but we have no other option but to keep you informed. We will continue to issue a news item every evening from now on.  What follows below is some of the latest information, we will share more tomorrow when we can get to documents on our websiite as well.

If you now wish to add yourself to the more limited list of persons receiving every communication we issue to clubs then please e-mail secretary@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk to ask for that.

Club Zoom Meetings
In an effort to help answer any questions and to give you an opportunity to understand what others are doing we have arranged a number of Club Zoom meetings. Detailed below is the schedule for clubs to join, which is somewhat prescriptive but it would be difficult to have all clubs on one Zoom.
We hope you can join and take part in these Q&A sessions all commencing at 7.30pm. The log in details for all the meetings will be issued to the club's main contact over the weekend.

Umpires Fees and Team Cards
The GMCL Umpires Association discussed the issue of paying Umpires their fees and it was agreed that in line with the Lancashire ACO and other leagues, clubs are to write their team on an envelope and enclose the cash for the Umpires fee in the envelope. So, one team in full on each envelope, which will include the fee. The umpire can then record the details and put that envelope in his/ her pocket and sanitise their hands.  

ECB Adaptive Play and Getting your Club Ready to Play
We have received a slight amendment to the recent guidance.
For clarity the amendment is:  “Antibacterial” wipes to “antimicrobial” wipes, we have also removed reference to an EN number.
The ECB understand there will undoubtedly be questions on all of this advice so please if you have any clarifications channel them through the GMCL secretary by e-mail at secretary@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk who will collate these. The ECB will issue a further bulletin on Tuesday next week, after games that are played this weekend.
An article published by the Cricketer Magazine is very useful in setting out the ECB guidance, you are encouraged to read this and apply the requirements. 

Guidance for Umpires and Scorers
The ECB have published guidance for Umpires and Scorers and this will be available when the website comes on line

County professional or academy player
No County professional or academy player will be allowed to play recreational club cricket until the County approve.

Player Registration for 2020 season
As you will now know we are not introducing a fee for this season but we are still using the new registration system for all players. This is now ready and the form for each club is on the website and each person clicks the link themeselves to generate their own form.  This is run through our website so will be available over the weekend. The reason for introducing it this year is to ensure it works. We know the form is really easy to use for seniors, juniors, club officials and umpires but we want to ensure we iron out every glitch this season ready for next year and it also makes it far easier next season when players simply reclaim their profile.  Again we will share the how to and links tomorrow when the website is hopefully back up and running.

Team Registration
We are almost there, just a few clubs to go, please check your e-mail, we have e-mailed all those involved with an urgent reminder
the form for registeringf is separate from our website and is still live here : - 

Senior team registrations – here: - https://forms.gle/MZ6AE5mtjWPG1UhL7

Junior team registrations – here: - https://forms.gle/M19yLEyQJy2LoQ6w6

as previously advised the deadline is midnight tonight

GMCL20 is now GMCL15
Due to light closing in at this time of the year, full details of the competition will be shared over this weekend when the website is live.

GMCL Board
10 Jul 2020

11 Jul 2020