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Greater Manchester Cricket League

Founded 2016

Starred Players 2018

Starred Players 2018

20 Apr 2018

All clubs must report their starred players list prior to the start of the season, there are a number outstanding

The form is here

The rules are here at 2.9

Clubs with 3 or more teams must register their best 16 players - the best 5 cannot play at 2nd XI, all 16 cannot play in the 3rd XI or 4th XI

Clubs with 2 teams must register their best 5 players who cannot play in the lower team

Clubs must only register available players and any attempt to misrepresent the standard or availability of players will result in penalties. GMCL uses the starred player system to ensure equity of competition across the league.

Please complete the form and mail to

20 Apr 2018