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The New Balance Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016 | an accredited ECB Premier League






We are here to help you. E-mail is the preferred method of contact and communication across the league. Email addresses are listed below.

GMCL Board

The Greater Manchester Cricket League (GMCL) is operated and managed by the GMCL Board, comprised of the GMCL Directors registered at Companies House.

All official communications to the Board should be sent to our Secretary Keith Lees using the email address Secretary@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

A copy of the Organisational Chart is available to view here

GMCL Cricket Executive

Day to day cricket operations and cricket function is now managed by the GMCL Executive comprised of selected Directors and supporting officers.

We have a range of options for contacting members of the Executive.

A copy of the Organisational Chart for the Executive is available to view here



Club Liaison Officers (CLO)
first point of contact for club officials

Any club CHAIR, SECRETARY or TEAM CAPTAIN with a general question or request for information should use the divisional CLO for the appropriate division as their first point of contact.
The CLO role is to support your teams and the club, and if it correctly mailed to them they will be able to provide a swifter response to enquiries.

Please note that mails from any other source (other than Chair, Sec or Captain) will not be responded to by CLOs.
Players should contact the players representative on players@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

If you would like to join our network of CLOs supporting our clubs, please let your current CLO know and we will be in contact with you.

Division Name  &  e-mail address
GMCL Sat Premier CLOprem@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sat Premier 2    CLOprem2@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sat Championship    CLOchmp@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sat Division 1    CLOdiv1@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sat Division 2     CLOdiv2@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sat Division 3     CLOdiv3@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

GMCL Sat Division 4     CLOdiv4@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sat Division 5     CLOdiv5@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

GMCL Sun Premier     CLOsunprem@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sun Div 1    CLOsundiv1@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sun Divs 2    CLOsundiv2@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

GMCL Sun Regional    CLOsunregional@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk
GMCL Sun Development   CLOsundevelopment@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk


Contacts for your cricHQ questions

If you would like help on: 

Transferring a player on cricHQ, Adding a scorer to your teams, Updating your squad so your scorers have all the correct players to choose from, Amending scorecards any questions other than fees 
Please e-mail Stuart on crichqhelp@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk

For questions on fixtures, cricHQ errors, match timings, result issues / bonus points and unofficial scorecards please e-mail Simon on fixtures@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk
Please note fixture change notifications should be on the new form HERE

For questions on cricHQ fees or internet pages please e-mail Simon on webadmin@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk




If you are a player with a question about our competition, please contact our Player's representatives on the board for Mens and Women & Girls cricket please use these e-mails

Will Halton - GMCL Players Director 

Olivia Kay - GMCL Women and Girls officer 


Our rules on Player Eligibility are here




For any GMCL junior related enquiries 

Nigel Stock - Juniors Director 

For all matters relating to junior entries, competition, junior rules please use this e-mail

Our Junior Rules are HERE



Please see the list here 




Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

Ian Pickles is our Equity Director  

Ian leads a team dedicated to ensure that all GMCL activity is open to every member of the league and all processes apply equally to all our members, players and officials.

If you would like to join the EDI / Equity Team in GMCL please contact Ian 

For all inclusion and diversity related matters please use this e-mail equity@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk



For any issues relating to any Safeguarding issue or guidance from the league

please contact

Colin Rennie, our safeguarding officer on safeguarding@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk




For any issues relating to any General Data Protection Regulations and how we handle personal information from you 

please contact

Simon Lowndes, our DPO on gdpr@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk




If you require any clarification on ground and facility requirements, standards or inspections

Please Contact

Tim Mitchell on grounds@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk



If you require any clarification on rules

Please Contact

Richard on rules@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk


disciplinary Matters

If you require any clarification on disciplinary processes and rules

Please Contact

Gary Kershaw on discipline@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk


Professionals in GMCL 

Steve Eccles is managing the professionals register for GMCL 

Use this e-mail for any matters relating to professionals, registering contracts and deputies from 2022 season onwards. 

Steve will answer any professionals  related questions on professionals@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk





Mike Hill has taken over our newsletter publication and will be asking for news items from you and would welcome all contributions to provide a news bulletin every fortnight

Please contact Mike on news@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk


Covid Matters

Mike Hall our Club Director will respond to any COVID related matter execlead@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk

If you have any questions or need to discuss any matter relating to Covid issues will be dealt with urgently

Non-specific GMCL related enquiries

General Enquiries - Enquiries@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

Urgent e-mails will always take priority, please ensure your e-mail has an appropriate entry in the subject line and if it is urgent then please put "URGENT" before the subject description.

If you cannot see who to e-mail please use this General e-mail.