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cricHQ information

cricHQ information

information on cricHQ issues or procedures will be posted here as they arise.


Club Administrator on cricHQ

Each club must have at least one cricHQ Administrator (described as "member" on cricHQ)

They can be set as a Club Administrator or Team Administrator

The Administrators roles are

  • Ensuring all players have correctly registered for the club
  • Ensuring all players are allocated to the team squads they will play for
  • Managing player Archives and Player Transfers and 
  • being able to score club games

If you have difficulty setting up a new administrator please contact the GMCL administrator (who will be shown on your list of Club Adminsitrator) on webadmin@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk


Support on using cricHQ

as a registered club admin you can go to the cricHQ support pages by logging in to crichq.com, clicking on your avatar (top right of page) and choosing "Support" to access all cricHQ help products and scoring guides

you may also e-mail enquiries@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk with a question for advice.


Player Leaving your club

Where a player leaves your club - log in as admin on cricHQ.com, find the player and click on the three dots to the right and choose archive 

  • Do not delete the record
  • if a player transfers you can choose transfer and select the new club or notify GtrMcrCricket@mail.com to transfer the record


Player Merges

Where a player registers under the new system and the player does not link his former stats record, the clubs cricHQ admin will need to merge the records.

  • To do this click on the three dots to the right of the newly subscribed record and choose Merge and
  • then search for the record you need to merge in the box generated. and select merge. 

Issue - Where both records have orange ticks the records will not merge, you need to

  • extract the player number from the web link for each player - the easiest way to do this is on cricHQ.com and at the top of the page enter the players name and choose player
    • click on each player and note the player ID number such as
    • www.crichq.com/players/1541797/statistics/domestic and www.crichq.com/players/1297518/statistics/domestic
  • please log in as admin on www.crichq.com and
    • click on your avatar
    • and choose "support" and click on "Contact Support"
    • enter your admin e-mail address, Product=cricHQ, Subject="merge players", Description ="Can you please merge player numbers x and y because they are both orange ticked, I am admin for "xx" club where thge player plays.

Issue - Photo being lost on merger - 

  • UPDATE - on merge the uploaded photo can now be selected alongside initials, date of birth, e-mail as the element to retain

Issue: - Stats being lost on merge -

  • This appears to have happened in a very small number of cases
  • You can resolve this issue by contacting the Support team at cricHQ as per the above process and explain that records are lost.