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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - May 2018

26th Apr 2018

Starred Players 2018

All clubs must report their starred players list prior to the start of the season, there are a number outstanding

20th Apr 2018


several forms need your attention

1st Apr 2018

Law Changes for 2018

This is the presentation from the Club Official's and Captain's Meeting

30th Mar 2018

Please tell us your captains, Named Professional and Overseas Players

For completeness of our records will all clubs please complete the form linked here

10th Mar 2018

Marston's GMCL20 - 2018 Season

Entries to this season's 20 over competition can now be submitted using the form below

6th Mar 2018

New Club Contacts

Will all clubs new to GMCL for the 2018 season please complete the form here with their lead contacts

28th Feb 2018

Register your CricHQ admins

Each club must have a lead person for cricHQ matters 

28th Feb 2018

Captain's Report 2018

To all Captains :

26th Feb 2018

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